Rolls-Royce will publicly test your SUV

The company will publish the results of testing on the pages of National Geographic magazine.

The first SUV of the brand goes on the road test. And if usually the manufacturers try this process to hide, in our case, Rolls-Royce went another way and has promised to cover the last test on the pages of National Geographic.

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Testing Cullinan has been held for three years. The company is sending prototypes to Europe, the middle East and the USA before being formally present the finished production version of the luxury SUV. And so international trip starts today and the first point will be Scotland, then Austria, middle East and America. To accompany the crossover will be video and fotoaparatai National Geographic. They will formally present reports on the train daily on the magazine’s website. The team will be headed by Cory Richards, a freelance photographer, named “Adventurer of the Year” by National Geographic in 2012.

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For the Rolls-Royce this program will be promotion and will allow future customers to assess the full range of capabilities of an SUV.

“I promised the public three years ago that I will participate in the development and testing of the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, – said the President of the company müller Ötvös in a statement. – Today’s audience and customers will see the brand in a whole new light, as Cullinan demonstrates what it is capable of Rolls-Royce.”

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The manufacturer expects that the new model debut will take place at the end of this year. Probably dedicated to the European car dealership.

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