Round, square, rhombus: the EU imposed a unified system of marking of fuel

Inthe CE automotive fuel is now divided into three categories. Circle will be marked with all types of gasoline, square — diesel, diamond — gas. The letters inside these symbols identify the type of supplements, and the figures — the degree of concentration of the additive in the fuel composition.

For example, gasoline E95 is marked as E5, E92 — E0, E98 — 10, depending on the maximum amount of biofuel (ethanol) in gasoline.

Diesel fuel is indicated by the letter B in the square with the numbers 7, 10, 20, or 30 indicating the maximum amount of biofuels. In winter, Arctic diesel fuel from the first and second classes, as now, will be also marked with one or two snowflakes and the sign of B0. Biodiesel is designated as B100, and synthetic diesel fuel — XTL.

Gaseous fuel is marked with the inside diamond shape with the letters LPG, compressed natural gas – CNG, liquefied natural gas, LNG, and hydrogen H2.

The new marking system is applied in all 28 EU countries and in Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey. In addition to the gas station marking will be used on vehicles registered from October 12 to or sold from this date.

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