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Russia and Africa: new armored BMW X5

The range of modifications of BMW X5 latest generation has added a new version. Data Protection VR6 hiding an armored version.Artem Orlov


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On the world market is widely sought after secure car which looks no different from ordinary models. It is therefore in the range of almost every large company there are armored versions of the cars, and one of them is now part of the BMW X5.

The Bavarian brand has prepared the execution of Protection VR6, which implies integrated into the design of the crossover bronekapsuly and 33 mm paulinepauline glazing. Protection ensures the safety when firing ammunition of 7.62 × 39 FeC or 7.62 × 39 SC, which use the most common world weapons, including a Kalashnikov rifle. Also the machine can withstand a blast of up to 15 kg of TNT at a distance of 4 metres from the car.

Armored bottom withstands explosion of hand grenades type DM51 and reinforced armor and is holding a hand grenade type HG85. As options you can order additional body armor roof, which will protect if attack drones loaded with up to 200 g of C4.


New BMW X5 — test drive in all terrain modes

Of other security features for the BMW X5 claimed Protection VR6 fuel tank with special coating absorbing holes, allowing you to move on shot tyres tyres, reinforced suspension and more powerful brakes.

The engine for the execution of Protection VR6 has one — the petrol 4.4 V8 turbo engine capacity of 530 HP This is enough from a standstill to 100 km/h to accelerate the car in 5.9 seconds and reach 210 km/h top speed.

Armoured BMW X5 is designed for four people and terms available to the model options virtually indistinguishable from a regular modification. There are specific equipment — for example, you can order flagpoles or built-in flashing lights and descending (though only by 10 cm) glass front passenger door. But staffing Handsfree system and electric drive driver’s door glass (also drops only by 10 cm) are standard.

The price of the new BMW X5 VR6 Protection mark has not been called, but I’m sure the crossover will appeal to buyers in South America, Africa and Russia — these countries are considered key markets for new products.

Russia and Africa: new armored BMW X5

  • In February 2018 BMW decided on the location for construction of its plant in Russia.

Photo: BMW

Russia and Africa: new armored BMW X5

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