Russia intends to 2018 to cancel the transport tax on electric cars

The government of Russia made a proposal for the abolition of the transport tax for electric vehicles. Officials believe that the repeal of the fee in 2018. According to them, the tax can not be charged over the next five years. Against the proposal in its current form was made by the head of the Committee on budget and taxes of the State Duma Andrey Makarov. He noted that with the abolition of the transport tax on electric cars to owners of cars Tesla will not have to pay the luxury tax.

It is assumed that the possibility of introduction of benefits for owners of electric vehicles will be discussed at the meeting of the Duma budget Committee on Tuesday, November 14.

The Russian government has studied the possibility of cancellation of the transport tax for owners of electric vehicles. This item was included in the program of development of electric transport through 2025. Information about this document appeared in the summer of 2016.

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