Saudi Princess was photographed for Vogue at the wheel

Princess Saudi Arabia Haifa bint Abdullah al Saud, photographed behind the wheel of a car that graced the cover of the new issue of Vogue Arabia.

“In our country there are many conservatives who are afraid of change. For them the existing rules is what they are accustomed to, all that they know, — said the Princess. Personally, I support the recent changes with great enthusiasm”.

Despite the fact that many photoshoot for Vogue Arabia liked, there were also many critics. “You must be joking. Princess graces the cover, and many women activists who have worked tirelessly to lift the ban on driving, still languishing in prison,” said one user on Twitter.

We will remind that shoots 24-year-old ban and allow women of Saudi Arabia to obtain a driver’s license and drive a car, effective from June 24 this year. Besides cars women received the right to drive trucks and motorcycles.

Saudi women allowed to helm

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