Scandalously cheap VW Golf station wagons are outlawed

Na t a press-service of the importer reported that it imported into Ukraine diesel station wagons of the Mexican assemblies, may have problems with certification. The violations recorded in the interior Ministry and the state fiscal service of Ukraine. The piquancy of the situation is that these machines are somehow cleared and has already managed to sell at incredibly low prices — about $ 18,000, while other versions of the VW Golf in comparable configuration there are two times more expensive.

In a press-service of the Main service centre of the Ministry of interior has already stated that certificates of compliance scandalous Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen are invalid , which would entail cancellation of registration of a whole batch of 2,800 cars. Moreover, it will happen in the near future.

What do the owners in good faith have purchased these machines, register them in the prescribed manner and received state license plates is unclear. In “Porsche Ukraine” reported that negotiate with government agencies to ensure customers feel comfortable the way out, and the interior Ministry allow re-registration of wagons in the Territorial service centers of the Ministry of interior, but if you have complete documents and a valid certificate of conformity. But with the certificate, there may be additional complexity — the cars are not of European manufacture are even and standards concerning, for example, registration odometer, beam lights, etc.

The echo of the scandal has drifted all the way to the headquarters of Volkswagen AG in Wolfsburg, where they began to conduct an internal audit on the fact of the controversial delivery to Ukraine of diesel cars Mexican production.

Interesting and position of the all-Ukrainian Association avtoimporterov and dealers (VAAID). Its head Oleg Nazarenko reported that the company “Porsche Ukraine” from 1 January 2015 is not a member of this organization and she will be assisted in resolving problematic issues. This is the first time that the Association has openly made it clear about disagreement with actions of the largest auto importers.

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