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Selling car over the armed robbery and traffic accidents

The buyers attacked the girl and stole her BMW sold the moment the hapless girl in the trunk. In the end, the car was broken for cancellation.Alexander Khlynov


Driving the Matiz was a female boxer

A young girl at the age of 25 years decided to sell my BMW and placed an announcement on one of the trading platforms on the Internet. After some time, the buyer was found and set up a meeting on Losevskii the street.

Inspect the car came two young people, while the girl, naively, was one. As soon as they got in the car to test-drive, men snatched on the owner, slapped her and stuffed in the trunk.

After some time, the criminals took her out of the car, and, taking possession of the vehicle, which was estimated in 450 thousand roubles, has disappeared. As a result of beatings she received several injuries and was hospitalized.

“As a result of operational-search activities the police detained one of the suspects driving a stolen vehicle at the intersection of MKAD and Dmitrovsky highway after the accident, the second suspect — at the Simferopol Boulevard. They were newcomers at the age of 22 and 23 years,” the chief told Fios GU MVD of Russia in Moscow Yuri Titov.

After the accident committed by the hijacker, the car can not be restored. Against men criminal case under article 162 of the criminal code. The bandits themselves were taken into custody.

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Photo: Fios GU MVD of Russia in Moscow

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