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Setup — every fifth gas station caught underfilling

Also revealed a mismatch of fuel quality standards at every tenth gas station.Alexander Khlynov


In Russia, decided to deal with the incomplete filling of fuel

Rosstandart has published the results of inspections of two hundred gas stations, held this year. The reason for inspections was the increase in the number of complaints of motorists at gas stations more than a third. As told in Department, this year received about 550 complaints at filling stations. Of these, 200 were indicated underfilling and 350 — the poor quality of fuel. For comparison, during the first 9 months of last year received 404 complaints.

Underfilling of the fuel was recorded in every fifth inspected gas station (19%). Only on this violation got 39 stations. It was also revealed the poor quality of fuel 9% gas stations. The inspections were conducted not only with notice, but without him.

“Today, the organization, knowing about checking and having the necessary software and technical means, one can “prepare” for such an inspection”, – told “Izvestia” in Rosstandart.

Similar statistics result in “people’s control”. During inspections of fuel quality standards does not corresponds to 10% of samples taken. Specialists Independent fuel Union indicates that because of the checks on complaints percentage of violations is too high — inspectors pay attention to the problem of the gas station, not spraying it on those filling stations that motorists have no complaints.

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