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She growls and rattles — Lada 4×4 Urban on the test of German journalists

Our colleague concludes that the SUV, despite a number of serious flaws, gives him pleasure!

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To the car “knocked” for 40 years, but the Urban version appeared relatively recently, that is what tested Roland Hildebrandt Focus from the publication, quoted by MIA “Russia Today”.


The Germans “compared” Lada 4×4 with the Bentley Bentayga. The conclusion is unexpected!

He notes that with a stretch, this car can be attributed to the class of SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicle), 40 years ago about the sport and the style of the Russian designers of cars are never heard. However, the SUV can compete with the popular German chocolate for who more quadratisch, praktisch, gut. The driver sits high, the windshield is almost vertical, the review is excellent, the machine is inexpensive and very practical.

This beautiful machine? — asks himself the question the journalist. Unlikely, it has too many drawbacks. The plastic and upholstery materials like this, the car is hideous ergonomics. Unpleasant to the touch, the steering wheel is so thin that it is scary to take, the lighting in the salon is that it is difficult to find the right switch. It constantly growls and rattles, and the driver needs a certain level of skill to drive this monster capable of reaching 90 km/h.

Still, he attracts attention. This is a real vintage car, it’s got soul, sums up the journalist. While Urban — fresh SUV off the line, and it even has elements of comfort — heated seat and electric Windows. The length of this Russian vehicle is 3.7 metres (3640 cm), but it is very inexpensive — only 11 990 euros.

  • It should be noted that a very different tone in the description of this SUV with our journalist. Although he also notes that this car is “forty” but he from his childhood, he has a story, and the ridicule here is not the place. It just is what it is, and for that we are grateful.
  • In Russia, the car sold in three-door and five-door variants, and prices start at 532 800 rubles (without discounts).


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