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Shipping delayed: thousands of cars drowned off the coast of the United States

A cargo ship carrying more than 4,000 vehicles destined for the Middle East market.Alexander Khlynov


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Cargo ship Golden Ray, carrying thousands of new car, overturned on its side near the coast of Georgia (USA). Initially it was reported that on Board were the car brands Hyundai and Kia, but this information was not confirmed.

The entire ship was carrying just over 4000 cars that were heading to the middle East. Of machines what brands was the cargo, not yet reported, as not specified and in what condition they are in now.

The U.S. coast guard conducted a large-scale salvage operations to remove the capsized vessel 24 person crew. For this purpose we used two helicopters MH-65 Dolphin and a few boats. Twenty people were rescued relatively quickly, but another four were missing.

Later it turned out that they were inside the ship and can’t get out. The plan to rescue them was made very quickly and three people were rescued after a few hours. On rescuing the fourth took another three hours.

Captain coast guard John Reid said that all the rescued sailors are in good condition, despite the fact that spent inside the ship more than a day.

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Photo: U.S. Coast guard

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