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Short memory test: BelAZ produced two-wheeled vehicles — Yes/no?

Single axle tractor BelAZ‑531, which appeared in 1961, could only work with a special trailer.Michael Kolodochkin “driving”Expert

Single axle tractor BelAZ‑531 differed from their counterparts in the first place so that could only work in a “team” with a special trailer. Such machines are always released in limited quantities on individual orders.

Double — cab, all-metal. Turning mechanism — a lever, with the power cylinders. Maximum speed depended on the direction of motion: forward 44 km/h, back — 18 km/h.

Release belzowski odnosnikow ceased in 1994.

Unusual facts from the history of technology Michael Kolodochkin collecting for many years. For example, did you know why never went to series the coolest domestic SUV, created by order of USSR Ministry of defense?

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  • The biggest car in the world —the BelAZ-75710.

Photo: from archive of the author

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