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Short memory test: that stealing from cars

With the Tolyatti car stole various items. But some were especially in demand.Michael Kolodochkin “driving”Expert

The leaders of the kidnappers went to the wipers and the side mirror (it was only driver’s side). Good “demand” used chrome caps on the wheels, glass rear lights and the pretty lining seals windscreen and rear window.

Sometimes thieves hanker for the Hungarian radio.

Still hunting for windscreens over night all Lada in the neighborhood could remain with a gaping hole. Of the trunks of stolen spare wheel. However, sometimes steal, and all the wheels at once, leaving the car on bricks.

And it was considered particularly chic to steal deficitary wazowski detail — camshaft.

Unusual facts from the history of technology Michael Kolodochkin collecting for many years. For example, did you know, in the USSR guarded from thieves car antenna?

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Photo: from archive of the author

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