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Sign “Thorns” and the choice of tires is there a connection? SP tries to make

This year, according to government regulation, in the presence of studded tires on the car the character “ø”, otherwise they may be punished for 500 rubles. We decided to find out for any changes in the demand for studded tires in this autumn-winter season, and asked for help from analysts Yandex.Market.

Most people don’t like it when they are forced to do something. Therefore, we asked whether the changed this fall the demand for studded tires maybe out of protest and not to glue on the glass impair vision sticker, some motorists will turn their attention in the direction of the friction winter tires, especially because, according to many experts, it is now so high quality that it is not inferior, and in some indicators even surpasses studded.


Spikes or Velcro — experts choose ZR tyres for the winter

At our request, analysts Yandex.Market conducted a small study which showed that in 2017, the users of the service began to be interested in winter tires since October, but, as in 2016, the peak demand occurred in November. Thus then users equally looking for studded and non-studded options, and this year the demand for the model without the spikes dropped significantly — they were interested in 1.4 times less than studded.

Since the beginning of September to mid-November (the peak demand for winter tires), the demand for studded models have grown more than six times, and the friction — 2.4 times. On average studded tires this fall on Yandex.Store bought for 6180 rubles.

It turns out, our assumptions were not confirmed, and it is even possible that the endless discussion of this topic in the media has spurred consumer demand, otherwise how else to explain the renewed interest in the “Lipovka”. Our tire expert Sergey Mishin believes that the relations here do not, and the increasing interest in the use of studded tires due to the fact that the roads are becoming more vehicles and usually, they buy those who have recently passed my driving test, novice drivers are easier and safer to ride on studded wheels.

“And yet, I want to remind you that any tire you need to attach the head, and in the winter still need to be careful, because even the most expensive studded tires are not allowed to travel as freely as in the summer.”

Chief editor of the site Arthur Saruhanov: “a Strange story. I go for non-studded tires, but if this was the actual choice “footwear” for the winter, it is certainly preferred such and all the hype with the labels on the machine clearly has recaptured the hunt to buy the “spikes”. For me, these stickers — a question of aesthetics. However, here everyone decides for himself…”.

Dear readers, we would like to know your opinion: did the “nakleechka” sensation on your choice and the choice of your friends? If there is a desire, write it in the comments.

  • As to what he was talking about on the Internet, the subject of the imposition of penalty for no sign of “Spikes” in the top five of the most popular queries in Yandex.
  • The study. conducted by the portal showed that motorists are still trusted more studded than friction tyres.
  • Our recent survey showed that the mark “W” is at 57% of our readers.

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