“Singing” the road in the Netherlands stopped

DAroha No. 357 in the village Elsum sang the national anthem of Friesland, in which it is located. On asphalt with a certain frequency was applied special grooves when reaching speeds of 60 km/h the canvas began to “sing” is the idea supposed to encourage motorists to slow down.

However, the expected effect of the change is not brought — the majority of drivers did not react to the sounds of the anthem, moving with the same speed. If this stretch of road was driving several car – music turned into a terrible cacophony.

The locals rebelled, equating the sounds of the “singing” honey day and night, to “psychological torture.” The authorities had to backtrack and cover that cost 80 thousand euros, was dismantled by the evening of April 10. Just four days after the ceremonial launch into operation. Some are unpatriotic, these Dutch 🙂

To hear the “singing” way, in the video below.

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