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Skoda Fabia for 400 000 RUB: choosing the best option

For the money, you can look very popular at the time, the hatchback of the second generation (facelift). But we must remember that the average mileage of such cars will be about 100,000 km.Stanislav Panin Expert

Skoda Fabia (second generation)

Years of production: 2012-2014Engine: petrol, P3, 1.2 l (60 HP and 70); P4, 1.4 l (86 HP); 1.6 l (105 HP)transmissions: M5, A6Drive: front

The BODY: has innate corrosion centers. The quality of paint is mediocre, the chips add up quickly. However, they have not succumb to rust.

ENGINES: the 1.4 engine is the most reliable and resource in the range. Motor 1.6 (CFNA) possible knocking of the pistons until it warms up. In 2013, the manufacturer changed their “geometry” and the problem went away. The three-cylinder engine 1.2 — the whimsical and “painful”.

TRANSMISSION: manual does not explicitly provide a cause for complaints. A six-speed automatic Aisin TF series‑61 is also considered to be fairly reliable and has no outright flaws.

CHASSIS: suspension parts: stabilizer bar bushings and rear silent blocks of front levers. The rest of the components have adequate resource, and the nodes of the rear suspension (the elastic beam) is almost eternal. The elements of the power steering (electric or electrohydraulic, depending on modified cars) do not deliver special efforts.

SALON: the location on a mediocre level, in addition very quickly appear discordant “crickets”. The quality of finishes and their durability correspond to the class of the car.

WANT to SELL: Fabia has good liquidity. However, the machine is obsolete, so has considerably fallen in price. Cars with the 1.2 engine — outsiders in the market, and favorite — version with the motor 1.6 and an automatic.

SUMMARY: the second generation škoda Fabia — very solid car that is not too onerous to maintain. In the selection it is better to avoid modifications with problem 1.2 engine: high chance very soon to face the necessity of costly repairs. In addition, cars with this engine the least liquid.

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  • Pick “winter” floor mats for Skoda Fabia, install gutters and windshield, if necessary, be heated wipers and no change in temperature you are not afraid.

Photo: Skoda

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