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Smart home plus personal assistant: Redmond and Ready for Sky to create the world of the future right now

Laziness, as we know, the most effective engine of progress. No wonder the dream of a smart home that is welcoming with a Cup of tea after work, maintains an optimal heating facilities, he orders the product and preparing the desired dishes, has long lived in the minds of people.FOR PUBLICITY

And it seems that this dream is irrevocably true. At least some manufacturers and “technowiki” carefully, this time closer. Something new may catch on in the motorhome, and a tremendous time saver definitely will not be superfluous. But about all under the order.

One of the market leaders in the production of household appliances with smart functionality, the REDMOND company for more than five years ago has partnered with a Singaporean company that developed it AT the Ready for Sky. The result of this collaboration was precisely the line of smart technology REDMOND Smart Home, which all or nearly all can do around the house itself and controlled by the user via the smartphone app. Now the range includes more than 60 kinds of smart technology. And an application that allows you to control smart appliances, free of charge and can be downloaded in the AppStore (for iOS) and Google Play (for Android). Now control the home appliances via Bluetooth does not cause such a delight as before. All used to — and that seems to be special in the use of fairly well-known technology? But the reality is the first step, the basis for an ambitious project for the realization of a dream: the unification of all home appliances in a single ecosystem, easily managed from your smartphone with a couple of clicks. This ecosystem is built on the platform Ready for Sky, and its possibilities are constantly expanding, gradually spreading its influence outside the REDMOND brand. The platform is not General and is open to connect to it and other brands, and manufacturers of smart technology.

Technical ecosystem — what is it like?

The use of the term “ecosystem” in the context of household appliances looks kind of strange. But if control the home appliances via Bluetooth was the first step in the human dream of self-governing house, the next step was the development of an extensive system GetView. Gateway is needed in order to become a “jumper” between the user’s smartphone and smart appliances. Because people can be at the office, in traffic a couple of miles from home or even on Goa — and to give commands. And gateway, receiving user commands, sends them to the smart technique for execution. As GetView are smartphones on the Android platform and the special smart devices Redmond.

The ability to check on and off the forgotten iron without returning home — that in itself is great. But Ready for Sky and REDMOND went further and integrated into the app is a decent list of recipes, laid out in algorithms in such a way that the slow cooker can make from a given set of products the right dishes. Yes, I had to Tinker with the decomposition of recipes on the methodology of cognitive modeling to gain a full replacement for the person’s actions, but the result is worth it: instead of control for cooking, temperature control and timely transfer modes manually now just a click away in the application. Total at the moment Ready for Sky offers a wide range of appliances that are managed at a distance, and appliances are able to prepare according to a clear recipe. Will continue, probably more.

The products will come themselves

Teaching crock pots and grills to cook for themselves, it is logical to take the next step — to organize to devise a system of purchases and orders food packages for specific recipes. It did so Ready for Sky, creating a service Skimarket that allows you to select and order products from home. The convenience of this option was estimated by the owners of the intellectual dummies and smart coffee makers from REDMOND who can order coffee and tea at the home of the best tea shops in one click directly from the application.

The extension of the service functionality is planned in the very near future. Ordering prepared products integrated in the equipment recipes to be implemented directly from the management interface device. That is, open the app to control the grill, and find a recipe that I want to realize. This immediately, in one click, order steaks, vegetables garnish, spices — and no need to even leave home to look for the right products in the supermarket. In addition to the designer recipes, creating sets for cooking particular dishes you plan to add a possibility to order ready products from the list of recipes for the busy and hungry. Another logical step is the creation of an aggregator of recipes Scaricati. The service allows you to plan a menu of available recipes, dipping into a plate of other users to share their own culinary masterpieces. In fact, three-in-one resource for foodblogging, menu planner and service for gastronomic discoveries. Of course, some of the recipes will be linked to Skymarket, so that all the products for a planned menu can be ordered in a single action. And fans plan meals for a few days and will be able to find recipes and purchase products, and to set the schedule of preparation is really very convenient. Basically, if you imagine a smart technology with the ability to schedule cooking on the road (well, for example, in the “house on wheels”) I think it would be great. At least the user will have to spend minimum of time on the selection of diet, and travelling in the “smart home” will only have to prepare the foods. By the way, about the delivery of the order. There will be two equally convenient options — to-door or to a delivery point through which the route passes. So for the already collected food for a day or a week you can simply drop in on your way home from work. And unrealized remains only the dream of an independent technique that will deliver food from the fridge and serve already brewed tea by a certain time… Ready for Sky, however, intend to resolve this issue. Until, of course, about fully automatic cooking of the question, but the kettle, which he filled with the team already exists and will soon be available to customers.

He swelled, he skeptica…

At first glance, the kettle as the kettle. Concise form, convenient stand — it’s pretty common, though very beautiful. But the main feature is hidden inside the device — it is filled independently, on command from your smartphone. The first of its kind samanalawewa kettle!

It’s checkmate to everyone who whined in the comments about smart appliances “will boil myself and pour still have to manually!”. Literally soon will not have to. It is enough to connect the new flow-through water filter or a bottle with a pump, and the kettle will automatically dial the specified volume of water. Management samanalawewa kettle will also be implemented on the platform Ready for Sky, using the same application that will allow you to remotely turn on and off the device. And exactly as all the previous models of smart pots, new pot samenleving will be able to recruit the necessary volume of water and heat it to a user-specified temperature. And — with the accuracy of a degree that just the fans of the tea ceremony. After all, it is the precise heating — paramount for realizing the bouquet. And as usual, through the app will be available in Skymarket tea, coffee, and pure bottled water order will still be delivered to your door or specified delivery point. Whether the product is the same perky backlight as dummies of past generations REDMOND SkyKettle, the developers Ready for Sky haven’t decided yet. But already precisely it is known that the volume of the bulb will be the suspension of 1.7 L. Until the technology is fulfilled on the kettle, but the developers do not exclude the possibility of creating seminarreihe pots and slow cookers to speed up the cooking process.

Alice in the know

Integration of voice assistant from the Yandex platform Ready for Sky — about it already seem to know everything. However, it is worth repeating the story of how the clever technique now performs not only the key commands, but listens to Alice. Such treatment of smart appliances is really very cool increases the level of comfort. Alice is a popular and completely domestic product, which is used by a huge audience and a much easier action. At the moment, Alice allows you to manage a number of technical innovations REDMOND, from coffee makers to climate control. In the future it is planned to expand the list of devices on voice control, so thoughts of “if I did iron?” will soon remain in the past forever — Alice will check and shut off. The best part is that to management, for example, kettle Redmond, it is sufficient to instruct “Alice, put the kettle on” and the water immediately starts to warm up. Minimum effort, no further action. Disable device can be in the same team. Motorists hurrying home, help Alice will not be distracted by the smartphone — sometimes one click can be dangerous, so voice control in our case, increases the level of security on the road.

Some news from the near future.

In parallel with the creation of an ecosystem of the future in Ready for Sky and REDMOND were concerned about the issues of home management. The result is a most convenient built-in application scheduler task Simanager. It help to create notes, reminders, lists of household Affairs is difficult to overestimate due to the reminders archive is much easier to keep cyclical tasks and streamline the timeline, and the chances of forgetting something important tend to zero.

The biggest plus of the scheduler — more than 500 templates of tasks that are logically divided into 60 subgroups on the topics and allow you to create a plan and to do list in record time. Just select the task from the list, set the date and time of execution — and everything is ready, the app will remind you that it’s time to apply the data from meters or pay the loan, replace the insurance policy… or buy a gift beloved grandmother’s birthday! Tasks for which the workpiece is not listed, you can enter manually and save in memory, to continue the task execution takes mere seconds.

In General, the direction of the creation and expansion of the “digital ecosystem” looks absolutely logical and extremely popular. For the average person this ecosystem is time-saving automation of everyday life and a definite increase in comfort level. And even while the slow cooker is not able itself to get the food from the fridge or cutting the potatoes right blocks, all moving towards a full transition to automatic control as independent appliances.

Smart home plus personal assistant: Redmond and Ready for Sky to create the world of the future right sachsony house plus personal assistant: Redmond and Ready for Sky to create the world of the future right now

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