So if a profitable electric car?

Electric cars in Ukraine are becoming increasingly popular.
But is there any economic sense?
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Fromthe success of electric vehicles – primarily the result of very hard work PR services. Europeans and Americans are seduced by concern for the environment (although this is highly debatable, thinking, where does the electricity) and all sorts of preferences – from tax exemptions to free entry in the historic centers. Our man so will not catch, so, given the numerous shortcomings of electric cars in the course is bright outshining all the disadvantages of advertising argument: much lower price mileage compared to traditional vehicles. Of course, against the background of growing numbers of stelae station the cost of charging an electric vehicle even on expensive Express stations looks attractive: an average of 100 hryvnia against thousands and a half for a full tank – impressive, isn’t it? But this is only the tip of the iceberg – let’s count together, do a profitable electric car.

Who on the newcomer?

New electric cars will be a long time in our country exotic. Despite the abolition of excise duty and VAT, the cost is still prohibitively high, such a technique will be able to afford only large companies, primarily from considerations of the same PR. Here, for example, the Renault Zoe is a tiny machine In class we have offered for 890 400 hryvnia. This, at the moment, the price of the sedan or crossover D-segment. Similar equipment and this is much more spacious Renault Sandero with a robotic box available for 372 thousand – that is, it is almost 2.5 times cheaper than the Zoe. And 518 thousand difference is the cost of gasoline at 250 000 km, that is almost the entire life cycle of the car. If Sandero transfer of gas (which, by the way, greener than gasoline – and seriously believe that more environmentally friendly processes for the production of electricity in Ukraine), then the difference in price with Zoe enough to pass more than half a million km! In other words, even if charging of an electric vehicle will for you is always free, which can be attributed to the category of fiction – it will never pay for itself compared to a car equipped with an internal combustion engine. Never!

Despite the fundamentally different device, the electric car also requires regular maintenance. And imagine changing the oil and antifreeze!

What about commercial models? The electrical “cake” of the Renault Kangoo Z. E. is estimated at 930 201 hryvnia. Close the capabilities of Renault Dokker will cost 322 thousand for the petrol version and 416 500 UAH for diesel. Alas, in this case, the difference in cost suggests a clear choice.

Is there a grain of truth in the plugin-hybrids? Take two BMW 5 series: 530e iPerformance 1 572 497 UAH and close to it on dynamic indicators 530i 1 296 404 of the hryvnia. You see, the price difference here is not significantly. However, 276 thousand is gasoline for the usual “five” at least 100 000 km. In the hands of the first owner the car is hardly held much longer – and hence, in this case about payback high-tech toys to speak of. The hybrid, among other things, the range on a fully charged battery – up to 50 km in ideal conditions, and gasoline to him in any case will be required. As well as the maintenance almost in its entirety, as cars with internal combustion engines – well, except the brake pads need to be changed much less often.

The rescue of drowning

Almost the entire Ukrainian market of electric cars is used cars from USA and Europe. And the undisputed leader in popularity – the Nissan Leaf the most popular electric car in the world. Potential buyers should understand that most of the Bodices come to Ukraine beaten in an accident or even completely recessed, as only these machines profitable to buy our companies who sell carts. After the restoration of varying degrees of professionalism machines go on sale. Someone will get lucky and his Leaf was just a crumpled bumper or a door – however, the author has repeatedly seen the car transporters with the Bodice in such a state that something good must be the road to Chermet, and not to the new owners. But, alas, these are domestic realities…

Despite the abolition of excise duty and VAT, the new electric vehicles in Ukraine to sky-high road – so much so that they will never pay for itself compared to counterparts with internal combustion engines

For Nissan Leaf, we ask for an average of $12-13 thousand – 314-340 thousand hryvnias. Bottom bracket – the lowest price electric vehicle 2013 model year with mileage of about 100,000 km in the most modest configuration. If the mileage is less, and equipping something better one hundred percent guarantee this will be the car, resurrected after a severe accident or flood. A decent and fresh copies will be for a couple thousand dollars more, especially if we are talking about modernized Bodices, released in 2015. These cars put improved battery, including higher capacity, 30 kW·h. But here, it is worth considering why a prudent burgher or the Yankees, perfectly able to take your money, suddenly broke up with very fresh buggy? It is clearly not because the car quickly tired…

And for comparison. For $9-10 thousand (235-260 thousand hryvnias) under the key, that is customs clearance, registration and bonus for the carriers, it is possible to bring from Europe the car of the same size class the same year and close mileage. One of the most popular people variants – Renault Megane in good equipment with a diesel engine and an automatic transmission. If this car sold in the showroom will have a full service history and transparent “biography”. The difference in cost compared to the Bodice – from 80 thousand hryvnias in favor of Megana, and the price of diesel fuel is about 60 000 km.

Batteries are asked to fire

The main headache for the owner of any electric car, and the Bodice in particular – the health of the battery, the most expensive element of the system. Experience has shown that batteries relatively quickly lose their original capacity (degraded), and, paradoxically, the most emergency subject to degradation that is enhanced 30-kilowatt battery. For machine 2013-2014 normal – battery capacity 2/3 of the original, there is a practical power reserve of the Bodice with a 24-kilowatt battery is about a hundred km in the city. On machines with a battery of 30 kWh and a mileage approximately one and a half times more.
Battery, in General, never dies completely. So if you have a persistent nervous system, it is possible to accept a slow, but progressive decline of the reserve and with the “incontinence” of charge. But practice shows that already now put up a few. From a tricky situation there are two exits.

It looks like the battery pack of the most popular in the world and in Ukraine electric car Nissan Leaf. This is the standard battery of 24 kWh with 48 elements.

The minimum program – replacement of completely dead cells. The fact that the controller of the Bodice stops charging as soon as it detects that at least one of the 48 cells the battery is fully charged. Naturally, the first will be charged the exhausted elements and the rest of their charge will be reduced. Not new, but still healthy cells you can buy from 2,500 to 4,000 USD apiece. A 30-kilowatt battery, the elements are dual, and their price is correspondingly twice as high. Work on the replacement of cells long and time-consuming: only one process of “undressing” with the removal of battery sturdy sealed enclosure it is still fun, not to mention prepaymania again all of contacts. Because this procedure does not take less than 13 000 hryvnia – of course, not counting the price of the replaced elements.

Because better perceived complete replacement of the battery. New, from the factory, the battery did not even expect – to replace the take part with of cars with low mileage and broken and cannot be restored even by Ukrainian standards. The price is $3-4 thousand. In the accident the battery never suffers: it is located in a safe place in the middle of the bottom and literally shrouded armor protective housing, in addition, perfectly sealed, so even with a car-“drowned” battery you can borrow without risk.

Cars with traditional internal combustion engine will be in the shadow of electric cars – the latter much inferior to them not only in the stock of autonomy, but in the economic component possession.

In General, when planning the purchase of a new Nissan Leaf, keep in mind its not the cost of the inevitable repair or battery change or hope in time to get rid of the car. However, this is not the only cost that will require you at least this model of electric car.

Greetings from DVS

The weak link of the Bodice – reducer that reduces the speed of the motor. Let’s start with the fact that it requires a periodic oil change, almost like all the usual internal combustion engine: with the active drive every 20-30 thousand km, and in the soft style of driving fluid will last twice as much. Two quarts brand oil Nissan estimate an average of 700 UAH, and its replacement – as agreed with the mechanic: different stations are asked from a couple hundred to 500 hryvnia. Savings on replacement cause serious trouble – the gentle wear of gears. Gear changes only in Assembly with electric motor: without works a new node will cost around 40-45 thousand hryvnias, removed from the car-donor – 15-20 thousand cheaper. The motor, incidentally, is one of the few literally eternal knots.

Remember the piece of paper on the windshields of buses: “Bathed in antifreeze”? So the electric car antifreeze is also needed! Liquid cooling is used for temperature-control of the Converter the charging current and of the traction controller of the inverter. Antifreeze (suitable for any class G11) preferably be replaced every 30 thousand km, and brake fluid.

In Ukraine now there is no incentive to get involved in the adventure with an electric car: in addition to problems with autonomy and the climate, it is economically disadvantageous

Some face replacement charging block, forced by circumstances. By themselves, these nodes are reliable and durable, but the fact that the Band put three kinds of blocks, differing by the presence or absence of support for high-speed charging. The most affordable option (usually on the machines in the base configuration) draws only slow charging at 3.3 kW. Want to 6,6 kW, and even better with support for the CHAdeMO standard – control unit. The question price – 20-26 thousand UAH for the “beushnye” unit.

Games with electricity

A fundamental postulate that you want to commit before the purchase of electric cars is in any case markedly overpaid for him, even at the time of purchase. No matter whether it’s a new car or the cheapest one of those that you can trust.
The Nissan Leaf, and indeed almost any loved ones size electric car consumes 15 kWh/100 km. Charge the machine from the home network is long and tedious, but for every 100 km you will spend 25.2 UAH (or even 12.6 V when charged, if you have dual counter). More high-speed charging station, naturally, much more: these 15 kWh will cost you from 88 to 120 hryvnias. Fuel costs for diesel passenger cars of the same class of approximately 135 UAH/100 km, petrol machine will “eat” about 220 USD. Victory? Pyrrhic, alas.

When charging the electric vehicle on a high-speed charging stations are its benefits compared to a diesel car is negligible: even at the minimum rate Leaf will beat the difference in initial cost 170 000 km! This is the first thing to consider for those planning to use electric taxi. Don’t forget that for this run you will inevitably have to replace the battery, and as it is not once – and so will remain in respectable losses.

In the West, buyers are lured to electric vehicles are really great offers: tax breaks, free Parking and even charging. We have the same electric car is not able to recoup the investment of its owner.

With night charging at home, Leaf will be the same price with Megan the cost of acquisition over 65 000 km. But now, let’s remember that the original fora in price Renault has provided him with fuel at almost the same mileage! And yet – during those 60 thousand miles on the Bodice will clearly have to change the battery…

In comparison with a gasoline car picture is brighter: Leaf will justify its higher cost of about 40 000 km And would then be in the pros, if again the notorious replacement of degraded battery, which will erase in the sand all looming Mirage of winning.

In the end, anyway, but the electric car today in Ukraine strongly disadvantageous and is not justified. In the West, the picture is different: there is the original price difference as significant, compensate very tempting preferences from a full exemption from all kinds of taxes for long term free Parking and charging. And worries about changing the battery often assumes the manufacturer or the seller. In our country right now there’s no incentive to get involved in the adventure with an electric car – because otherwise, as a gamble, it is difficult to call voluntary overpayment, the eternal game of “make it to the outlets”, as well as the torment of finding charging stations and to create a comfortable climate in the cabin.


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