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Song from the seventh “fast and Furious” has become the most popular video on YouTube (of all time!)

The video for the song “See you again” from the movie “furious 7” became the most viewed video on YouTube. The number of views is approaching 3 billion.

The movie “fast and furious” used to beat different records. Here is the video for the song “See you again” from the official soundtrack for the seventh part also broke the record: the number of views on YouTube came close to 3 billion and have already exceeded the number of views of the previous leader, the clip “Gangman Style” by South Korean artist Psy (less than 2.9 billion views).

The release of the seventh part of “fast and Furious” was for some time under the question because of the death of actor Paul Walker, who performed in the tape a major role. Recall that he died in a car accident when driven by his friend Roger Rodas Porsche Carrera GT crashed into a pole and caught fire.

However, the filmmakers decided to shoot it, but in the end the main characters go on different roads. In the video artists songs UYS Khalifa and Charlie Put actively used the footage from different parts of the “fast and Furious”.

  • Insurers estimate that the damage during the filming of the eighth part of “fast and Furious” were more than 523 million dollars. Most of it fell on the destroyed machine, and on buildings, destroyed during filming.
  • This fall for PC and the STB leaves the game Need for Speed: Payback. It is actively used scenario techniques from the various series of “fast and Furious”.

Photo: YouTube

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