Soon don’t wait: the new VW Golf problems

In response, Volkswagen at the request of the publication Automotive News Europe said that the postponement of the start of sales due to marketing considerations – supposedly before Christmas to launch the new Golf is not profitable due to the fact that people these days are busy shopping gifts and not choosing a new car.

And according to the source Newspapers Bild the reason is that the developers are chock-stuffed with new electronics – physical keys in the cabin of the Golf course will not remain, except as extended complex electronic assistants with advanced Autonomous driving.

New Volkswagen Golf declassified before the premiere

Automotive News Europe, in turn, reports that the manufacturer is having problems with a digital “tidy”, which received enhanced functionality and constant connectivity to the Network. In this regard, the Volkswagen management decided to postpone the launch a series of new items to complete Troubleshooting.

However, the official premiere of the eighth generation Golf will be held this year. However, not in the framework of autumn motor show in Frankfurt a couple of weeks later – at a special event.

The fastest VW Golf on sale

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