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Sports closure boot — method Daria Spiridonova

Russian gymnast Daria Spiridonova showed how you can still close the trunk.Alexander Khlynov


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An unusual way of closing the tailgate gymnast is demonstrated in the Porsche. Pulling out of the trunk of the two dogs, the girl with ease and without losing balance, despite the animals, effectively closed the door with one swing of a foot.

Video unusual method, Daria has published on his page in Instagram. In reviews people have compared what he saw with the ballet, but also did not forget to ask about the button closure of the trunk, which is present at this crossover.

Easy and humorous video is very uplifting.

Daria Spiridonova, who took part in the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro in team all-around, brought back a silver medal. In addition, she took first place at the world Cup and two European Championships in gymnastics.

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Photo: Instagram

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