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Station wagons for 600 thousand. Part 2: Octavia Combi and 3 option

In the primary market, the choice of wagons is limited, but on the secondary you can find a very good instances. “The wheel” looked interesting options in different classes.Stanislav Panin “Behind the wheel”

In the first part of the review (available here), we examined the advantages and disadvantages, station wagon, Chevrolet Cruze, Ford Focus, Kia CEE’d and Opel Astra. Now the second part is devoted to the wagon, Opel Insignia, Skoda Octavia Combi, Subaru Outback, Volvo XC70.

OPEL INSIGNIA SPORTS TOURER (the first generation directiong)

Insignia boasts a wide range of modifications, there is even a variant with a diesel and manual transmission. Instances for 600 thousand — not very fresh and with decent mileage.

Opel Insignia Sports Tourer Insignia Sports TourerOpel

Year of manufacture: 2009-2011Engine: petrol, P4, 1.8 l (140 HP); 2.0 l (220 HP); diesel, P4, 2.0 l (130 and 160 HP)Box transmissions: M6, A6Drive: front

BODY: Oh, what-what, and the quality of paint and the level of corrosion protection of the Insignia all right.

MOTORS: petrol aspirated 1.8 is a reliable mechanical part (and thus highly online), but suffered from numerous failures of attachments. Forced motor 2.0 — strong middling among classmates, has a standard of weakness, the little life timing chain and piston group. 2.0 diesel without any major problems — just like most motors of this type.

TRANSMISSION: manual gear box is reliable enough, as the machine Aisin representing a good family TF‑80.

CHASSIS: steering is not satisfactory. Optional adaptive chassis FlexRide quite capricious, especially in electronics, which has a surprising variety of problems. Standard suspension is much more preferable: it provides a decent level of comfort and has no obviously weak spots.

INTERIOR: the interior still looks modern and stands out for the quality of finish among classmates.

WANT to SELL: Insignia very quickly depreciates and has a limited demand. Among its modifications there are no obvious favourites or ugly ducklings — all versions of in demand about the same.

SUMMARY: for all its appeal, the Insignia has a lot of flaws that drive her into the group of outsiders. This is a car for fans of products of GM who are willing to put up with the typical it models weak points.And if the Insignia a rich set of additional systems, to be sure: the adventure is not far off.

SKODA OCTAVIA COMBI (third generation, directiong)

Station wagons for our market were collected in the Czech Republic, so they are significantly more expensive than Nizhny Novgorod liftbek. But for 600 thousand actually find living a car – though with mileage over 100,000 km.

Skoda Octavia Octavia Combi CombiSkoda

Years of production: 2013-2014Engine: petrol, P4, 1.2 l (105 HP); 1.4 l (140 HP); 1.6 l (110 HP)Box transmission: M5, M6, A6, P7Drive: front

EXTERIOR: the paint finish quality is average. The body has no weak points subject to corrosion.

ENGINES: engine 1.6 most preferred. At low recoil, it has a decent resource and high reliability. The most user-friendly of the boosted units, version 1.4. He is the representative of a new, more successful generation. The 1.2 engine is the most problematic and less reliable.

TRANSMISSION: 6-speed automatic Aisin manual transmission and is not satisfactory. The “dry” robot DSG DQ200 series after the modernization in 2013 was much more docile, significantly improve the reliability of individual components and the unit as a whole. However, a used car with a box of this type is still a pig in a poke.

CHASSIS: mechanical rake does not cause trouble. Elements of the electrical amplifier is built into the steering column. All of the suspension components — centenarians, obvious consumables no.

SALON: Octavia Combi-volume salon can give odds even to many cars a class above. And among classmates she has high quality finishes.

WANT to SELL: Octavia is one of the most liquid positions. However, versions with supercharged 1.2 engine buyers are afraid. Such small engines have never been held in high esteem.

The RESULT: the third-generation Octavia is a vivid example of the car, the friendliness of which is directly dependent on its modification. The easiest, but amorphous variant — pair of atmospheric engine 1.6 and classic slot machines, and the most dangerous combination — forced engine 1.2 and “dry” DSG.

SUBARU OUTBACK (third generation, facelift)

Iconic all-wheel drive wagon from Japan. In our fall budget overage instances with mileage under 200 000 km.

Subaru Outback OutbackSubaru

Years of production: 2006-2008Engine: petrol, Оп4, 2.5 l (165 and 173 HP)transmission: M5, A4Type: full

EXTERIOR: paint — good quality, no problems with corrosion of the body no. In the case of Outback, the expression “made in Japan” is really worth it.

ENGINES: engine 2.5 EJ series is one of the most reliable and successful of the monocab, and even has the factory repair sizes. However, it is important to monitor the temperature regime: significant overheating it brings bad.

TRANSMISSION: automatic and manual transmission of its own production belong to the age, but unkillable units. They are well established, for example, more off-road Forester. Elements all wheel drive transmission rarely require attention and have an impressive lifespan.

CHASSIS: suspension components and steering components do not cause serious complaints. Frank consumables — only the rack and sleeve stabilizer.

SALON: salon zubarovsky traditionally cannot boast of good noise insulation, high level of comfort and sturdy materials. The utilitarian interior is a characteristic feature of all Subaru’s, especially the previous generations.

WANT to SELL: Outback can be called a fan’s relevant consumer audience. The liquidity is affected, first and foremost, the condition of the car. Good options find a buyer very quickly.

SUMMARY: Subaru Outback — the most reasonable option if you want all-wheel drive wagon. It combines decent off-road capabilities and gambling manageability, and high reliability, simplicity and reasonable cost of maintenance. But will have to spend a lot of time to find a live instance available on the market.

VOLVO XC70 (second generation, directiong)

This model is addressed to the admirers of the large four wheel drive station wagons. But with six hundred thousand in his pocket would take a long time to search for not killed car.

Volvo XC70 Volvo XC70

Years of production: 2007-2008Engine: petrol, P6, 3.2 liters (238 HP); diesel, R5, 2.4 l (185 HP)Box transmission: A6Drive: full

BODY type: corrosion protection — at a high level as the quality of paint.

MOTORS: diesel has a high resource and reliability, but has a serious constructive miscalculation: when breakage of the belt breaks and timing belt — a meeting of the pistons with the valves guaranteed. Gasoline row “six” — a good engine, not suffering from serious diseases.

TRANSMISSION: automatic Aisin TF series‑80 has a good reputation, but on the XC70 it is prone to overheating (especially when paired with a gasoline engine, 3.2), which entails a major overhaul. The main weak spot in all-wheel drive transmission — front drives. There are problems with the angle gear and driveshaft.

CHASSIS: XC70 shares a platform (including suspension architecture) with the Mondeo. Therefore, the heavier the Swedish touring some parts have less resource. No obvious consumables, but will have to fork out more. Steering-steering is quite viable.

SALON: the quality of trim and comfort at an exemplary level. XC70 pleases a rich set of options that is not all of my classmates.

WANT to SELL: Volvo love in our market, although the XC70 has a specific and fairly narrow target audience. If the machine is in good condition, buyer will be found quickly.

SUMMARY: XC70 requires serious maintenance costs, even if you manage to find a car in good condition. Possible problems with the basic units and aggregates, their contribution is making too capricious and expensive electrics (the abundance of electronic modules). Price content corresponds to a high level of comfort and versatility.

Station wagons for 600 thousand. Part 2: Octavia Combi and 3 option

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Station wagons for 600 thousand. Part 2: Octavia Combi and 3 option

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