Statistics of sales of cars in Ukraine in 2017. The ranking of the most popular models

In 2017, car dealers were able to set post-crisis record sales of new cars, informs our source. In 12 months the volume of sales of new cars was 80271 car, which is 24.5% more. The year was very successful for car market operators, even though significant competition with the flow of used imports, which also grew significantly. The supply of used-cars has severely affected the segment of budget cars, primarily Chinese brands. Suffered from the competition ZAZ and Lada. But the middle-price segment, especially cars of premium brands, buyers are accustomed to buying a new car and became drivers of sales growth.

The leader of the Ukrainian car market in 2017 once again became Toyota. Dealers of Japanese brand increased its sales by 25.5%, which was enough for a stable position of the leader. Three models of Toyota were the Top 10 most popular in Ukraine. This – RAV4 (4th place). Toyota Corolla (7th) and Camry (9th place).

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On the second place by the end of 2017 as a year earlier, Renault. But now the gap from Toyota decreased, and in some months, for example, in December, Renault is already ahead of Japanese competitors. And the sales growth of Renault for the year was 36.7%. The Top 10 popular models of Renault by just two representatives: 2nd place at the Duster, and 3rd at Logan.

In third place in 2017, as in the previous year, was Volkswagen. The tactics used by the importer to achieve this result, he hasn’t changed from last year. Changed only the bestselling. In 2017, they found the VW Golf Variant. And again, it worked.

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The fourth place by the end of 2017 was a Skoda, but the Czech brand increased sales by 37% – the best figure in the Top 10. From Skoda’s most popular model was traditionally the Octavia, which took 5-th place among the most popular models in Ukraine.

Consistently at the 5th place was Kia, but with quite an impressive sales growth of 33.8%. And last year KIA Sportage was the best selling model in Ukraine. Only one Sportage dealers, Kia managed to sell the 3715 units, which is almost 1,000 more than a year ago.

If the first 5 places in the car market remained unchanged from last year, then on went the change. On the 6th in 2017 was able to become Hyundai model Tucson was among the most popular also in the 6th place.

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Improved position to the 7th meta and Nissan. Dealers were able to increase sales by 34%. The Top 10 most popular models from the brand came Qashqai.

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Ford by the end of 2017 was on 8th place and reduced sale at of-6,7%. And on the 9th place went to the Mazda dealers, which showed a 15% increase in sales. It is allowed to rise to the headliner of the brand – the CX-5 crossover at 15th place among the most popular models in Ukrainian automobile market.

For the second consecutive year in the Top 10 of the Ukrainian car market includes a premium brand, and for the second year in a row is a BMW. If last year it was perceived as a sensation, then in 2017 it has become the norm. BMW spent an interesting marketing policy and allowed the Bavarians to keep in shape all premium competitors, even in spite of the decline.

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It is significant that just a step away from the Top-10 was another two premium brands: Audi and Mercedes-Benz that talks about increased demand for premium Ukrainian buyers.

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