Subaru Outback: the Spirit of adventure

Hthe feeling of a real, proper car built from things – that are always in sight and at hand. That’s at least the padding of the steering wheel. Subaru Outback immediately feel that it’s real leather, not something watered-down, semi-synthetic, as it is now universally in Vogue even in some places in the premium class. It is durable, strong, slightly rough – and the steering wheel is extremely nice to hold. Perhaps this is even more true motivation of the driver to release the wheel from the hands than a comfortable profile with knobs.
In this perspective, changes in the minimum – not everyone will pay attention to the new optics and other bumpers.

And one more little thing. Amazingly, I did not think the vast majority of automakers. Where to place key heated steering wheel? Someone threw the tunnel to the selector of the transmission, some on console, some examples and all have lost the key to concealed spaces in the forgotten corners of the front panel. But you see, simple logic: if key is responsible for the wheel, and positioning it must be there! Did Subaru: heated displayed on a miniature petal under the right needle. Bravo!

Mimicry variator

When in 2015, after a long reverie of the Japanese, suddenly has a new Outback – he’s so surprised that anyone did not seem enough. The car was modern and richly equipped, but not lost a major – brand of courage deified by many fans of the brand. And now, with all the success in the market, the model received a fairly quick update.

In appearance changes in at least: first and foremost is the additional contours of the bumpers and overlays on them, and not everyone will immediately notice. Optics retained the same form, but now she does other stuff: headlights full led, to “follow” the movements of the steering wheel and have the talent to automatically switch from upper to lower.

The Outback is a unique body: the car looks like a station wagon with increased ground clearance, but in fact it is higher than many crossovers.

Of course, still under the hood of the boxer motor. If the door frames on the Subaru we have become accustomed (though certainly cherish hope for the return of frameless glazing), then this tradition of the brand is not exactly going to change that. Despite all the controversies the construction of the “boxer” – which primarily include the complexity and high cost, maintenance, and solid oil appetite. The latest in Subaru do not hide the fact – from a new car, I attach the quart jar brand oil for topping up… the Main thing – do not confuse it with the packaging of olive oil: similar indeed!

Updated machine got a camera in a circle. A very useful option for off-road!The all-seeing eye Subaru – EyeSight system with two cameras and radarRoomy trunk with rectangular opening – the dream traveler. Under the raised floor – stowaway

A pair of 175-horsepower engine capacity of 2.5 liters – again, variable, but deeply reworked. He got a new chain and updated electronic controls that mimic the seven steps. As a result, it operates quieter and smoother, and generally behaves exactly as the classical hydroautomatic. Don’t like CVTs for unjustified, “throw” rpm? Here you will not find anything like it! The transmission knows what to do: without delay and dergone, and even with a sharp embedding of the accelerator is not in a hurry indecently to throw the bar speed. So it is not least the CVT should be grateful for the very moderate fuel consumption: 10.2 l on “hundred” in the city is smaller than most crossovers with similar power unit. The spirits of oppozitnik’ll leave the competitors behind.

One will only hurt fans Subaru: Outback insulation has improved to the extent that such a distinctive voice “boxer” you hardly ever really hear. But, to the great joy of passengers, wiped out outside noise – even the bottom and rear arches complete silence.

Give me the music

The updated machine has another good reason not to try to hear the rumble of oppozitnik. It audiopreparation from Harman/Kardon with 12 speakers and a subwoofer in the trunk. Without exaggeration – this chamber concert hall in the car. Even compressed formats recordings sound full, rich and soft: it is a pleasure to enjoy with this acoustics masterpieces of instrumental music. Pregna to take the car, I confess I still for twenty minutes could not bring myself to turn off the radio!

The interior is upscale. And the tree framed by the brushed aluminum is ready to please two opposing views. The old Subaru is not the panoramic roof, but only the hatch above the front seats.

And the head unit got a beautiful console screen. It is commendable that the Japanese did not save: the display can boast of not only a diagonal of 8 inches, but very high quality pictures with excellent automatic brightness adjustment. He does not glare and does not fade even in direct noonday sun.

And the menu is organized correctly: navigation is simple and straightforward. Not modified just one point. When switching off the ignition stops the supply of power to both USB ports, and audio system without any warnings or confirmations by itself goes to broadcast radio. Controversial decision – then it would really, the whole “music” just off…

The balance of satisfactions

Fortunately, this is the only nuance of discomfort in the cozy cabin of your Outback. This car is wonderfully designed for family and travel. All places – electric, and using a fairly thick leather upholstery heat breaks very quickly. Seat – in a big way: large, wide, very comfortable. Both parts of the rear backrest of the sofa regulated by the slope angle. In General, in such a friendly environment and the long trips are a joy for every passenger.

The devices have preserved the traditional “wells”, but between them – not a small color display with intelligent selection of the data clusteris a Masterpiece of ergonomic logic: key heated steering wheel – the steering wheelselector variator there is a choice of manual shift, but the power unit has a sport mode – it is activated the button on the right steering wheelthe passengers of the second row – not only heating of the sofa, but also two USB ports for charging gadgetsBrilliant audio preparation, Harman/Kardon crowns the subwoofer in the trunk. Halves of the rear sofa can be folded also and levers on the sidewalls near the tailgatethe Rear seat – the realm of space and comfort. Part of the backrest is adjustable in angle of inclination

Moreover, the chassis is also able to preserve the tranquillity of the inhabitants of the cabin. Energy suspension allows without sacrificing comfort take sure progress most traffic mischief, including spring holes and speed bumps. Before restyling, actually, this was also OK, but the Japanese are not stingy with the new shock absorbers with a softer disposition.

While Outback amuse the ego of the driver. This is the right male car: from the precisely balanced proportion of hot spices in a responsive and well-loaded wheel. Despite the soft suspension high universal no leans in the turns and on the contrary, and pulls to change the rectilinear movement of each steering is a pleasure thanks to the very finely adjusted sense of feedback from the car. I do this in the Subaru sense always knew.


Driving the Outback can not only get a nice portion of the drive, but, imagine, relax – as far as the word is generally applicable to driving. I’m talking about the EyeSight system, which represents the first stage of the autopilot. In traffic or Jolly ranchers include smart cruise control and loving how competently and carefully the control Cabinet controls the speed. Particularly impressive is the smoothness of braking: car stops in front of the rider in front is milder than that seemingly I did it myself. But twice more expensive Volvo V90 CrossCountry is much more harsh and inconsiderate!

Subaru Outback right male car: precisely balanced proportion of hot spices in a highly distinctive character, he successfully combines with practicality.

EyeSight clearly controls the distance. Choose the minimum distance to the vehicle in front (there are three levels) – and the car will maintain exactly safe at least, which is enough for smooth movement, but before you do not squeeze any Dodger from a nearby stream.

And even when cruise control is off and you are suddenly dreaming about the beautiful Subaru you delicately hint that it was time to go, a polite message to the car ahead drove off. And markup EyeSight also stands out, very gently adjusting the steering wheel in case of the planned withdrawal from the strip. Perhaps the only thing not (yet) know how the intelligence of the Outback to follow the traffic lights. But, sure, it’s the nearest future.

And in this before us – comfortable and well-equipped car that preserved and multiplies the best traditions of celebrity stories of its brand. The Subaru Outback has its distinct character – and a courageous and very adventurous and is becoming a rarity.

Thank you for provided on the test car the company “Subaru Ukraine”.


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