Subaru XV: meet on the roads

Tthird, the younger generation of crossover Subaru debuted recently in Geneva. Due to the modular platform of the SGP (Subaru Global Platform) body rigidity in torsion compared with the second-generation model has grown by 70%, below 5 mm was the center of gravity, 50% reduced roll in corners, despite the fact that the ground clearance remains one of the best in the class – 220 mm.

The new XV is slightly larger and roomier than its predecessor: the wheelbase increased by 30 mm to 2665 mm, length – 15 mm to 4465 mm, width – 20 mm to 1800 mm, the height has remained at the same level – 1615 mm.

Changes in the exterior could be more clear – new XV at first glance is not immediately distinguishable from the old, but it’s just in the spirit of Subaru customers ‘ preferences, which are large stylistic metamorphoses with alternation of generations is not required. More importantly significantly raised the quality of the trim when it is all the same traditional design. One of the few signs of the time – bright 8-inch touch screen latest multimedia system, able to be switched with smartphones and is equipped with various entertainment features.

The power unit claimed only one consisting of updated 80% of the petrol 2.0-litre boxer engine producing 156 HP and CVT Lineartronic is a new generation with seven quasiparticle that can be switched by paddles. Gear ratio steering reduced from 14:1 to 13:1.

The drive, of course, only a complete, but pestiferously: between the axles – clutch. At the head of the characteristics electronics appeared off road mode X-Mode, like the Forester. In addition, there is a help system when driving downhill, Hill Descent Control.

In the list of active safety systems appeared EyeSight system – in fact, it is the adaptive cruise control combined with emergency emergency braking, track layout and control lanes. EyeSight have enough reservations when she is unable to act: for example, it is not able to distinguish obstacles as children (people rise less than 1 m) and pedestrians with umbrellas, may fail in bright sunlight or very dark at night, etc., but overall this is a fairly useful helper driver.

Also, the new XV is a system of monitoring of dead zones, the determinant of the noise when reversing and camera head of the automatic switching beam in the middle, with the direction of the light beam changes when cornering.

The cost of the Subaru XV – from 740 to 840 thousand UAH, depending on configuration.

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