Swedish road charges electric cars on the go

Withyour own, as the project pilot, the length of a innovative cover of a bit more than two kilometers. But this is enough to develop the technology before spread it all over the country.

To recharge the electric car, the driver must first connect to the vehicle movable susceptor, which is in contact with the built-in roadbed current-carrying rails. The developers of the company eRoadArlanda argue that the probability of hitting people with a current – zero. Even if the track is flooded, it is possible to walk barefoot. In addition, such a road will cost 50 times cheaper compared to creating the same for the length of the tram line.

According to the project founder Hans Söll, upgrade for charging electric vehicles on the go need no more than 5% of the roads: “If we electrificare 20,000 km highway, that will certainly be enough. The distance between the tracks does not exceed 45 km and electric cars now passing this stretch of road without fuel.”

By 2030, Sweden plans to reduce the level of dependence on fossil fuels in the transport sector by 70%.

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