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Tank from Lada: Krasnoyarsk fishermen are very harsh

When the car passes through the village, grandma cross. A jig-tank — so it was dubbed by the creators. Tunceli — mockingly say, some passers-by.Marina Govorova


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The owner of this Rover is the fisherman Igor Gromov, but the designers of the machine had a lot. And all the friends of Igor who live in the same village Novopokrovka in the Krasnoyarsk region. The boys tell that the caterpillar has produced conveyor belt and iron. And bent by hand. And details to buy almost had. Was carrying scrap metal from everywhere, studied disassembly, looking to the discarded equipment. And the engine’s old Lada had too much themselves, without recourse to the car wash.

“Just think of the piles of scrap metal to collect is” — gasp locals.

In case of failure to repair the machine, you can a minimum set of tools. A jig-tank, produces awful, and the controls are very simple. “Even a child could do it, — explained the master. — A common principle of the machine: clutch, gas, except that the turns levers, and everything.”

The idea to build an incredible vehicle came to Krasnoyarsk fishing. Went there on the UAZ and much-injured it while getting through the taiga thickets. In General, we decided to create a bigger transport to and fallen trees, and through the swamp. “This machine can give a head start to any SUV because she is not afraid of even water obstacles — the bottom of the hull made the boat”, is proud to say they are.

The miracle machine guys regret not used. On the contrary: the fact of the matter is subjected to new trials. The jig-tank came back from fishing, where it tried to cross the meter stumps. I bent a few metal plates.

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