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Tens of thousands of engine starts on one butter — is that possible?!

What to expect (and what not) of new engine oil — clarification of the expert.Michael Kolodochkin “driving”Expert

Presentation of a new product is a must slides, speakers, coffee, and harmful corrosive questions from the audience. And the reason for the harm was not bad: motor oil Castrol Magnatec technology Dualock promised to halve the wear of the engine parts in the modes “Start/stop” and the warm up and working at minimum idle. The goal was achieved by… new molecules that can stick to metal, and therefore are ready to grease it all the time!

Indeed, the modern driver is often more in place than moving. Promotional materials claimed that the number of starts and stops motor the average driver in a year is 18 000 — ie, 50 times a day! We must assume that he was talking about cars with “Start/stop” — otherwise it is too much.

Indeed, today’s start-stop modes significantly affect the “character” of the engine, which are more likely to work in conditions of boundary friction. Crankshaft at each stop actually falls on the ear, and this causes accelerated wear of friction pairs. But the new driver promises continuous protection for all engine components in all modes of operation.

Know where advertising and the truth.

What is the molecule that stick to metal?

There is such. But, well, it’s not exactly a novelty. The fact that the previous generation Castrol Magnatec already knew how to do it. But then it was only about the modes of cold start of the engine. There was also a cunning molecules Intelligent Molecules, stick to metal, but they are as the engine was losing its talents. But the essence of the novelty is that to them in tandem added the so-called molecules Dualock (from Dual Lock “double lock”). They connect to the work just as the heating oil, even when the temperature exceeds 120°C.

By the way, how masterovye oil, which has always boasted the same property for the sticky? It’s very simple: essentially it is.

“Start/stop” or not at all?

And here begins the intricacies of translation. We are not talking about disconnections and connections of the motor, and just about constant transitions from the minimum idle speed is at nominal. Well, with this approach, mentioned 18, 000 per year already does not seem fantastic.

However, not all the new Castrol Magnatec are labeled with the phrase Stop-Start. Why? Well, because “all oil is good, but still they are slightly different, but because the buyer can buy both”.

Saves the new fuel?

That’s true, but… I Promise that engine oil Castrol Magnatec Stop-Start technology Dualock reduce fuel consumption, but the minimum value of “win” here is 1% saving of fuel. In other words, if you drove on the tank of, say, 600 km, with new oil in the same conditions will be able to travel for 6 kilometers more. Will be able to feel the difference?

Is it possible to change this oil less?

No! Such recommendations of the firm does not — and rightly so. Change frequency is dictated by a manufacturer of the vehicle, and because no molecules stick to his decision is not affected. Another thing is that in extreme conditions (e.g. when driving in the city) the recommendations of the manufacturer need to “divide by two”, and in this case, the car owner decides whether the stick will last the novelty a little longer than other oils.

Final judgment on the merits of Castrol Magnatec can be learned only from personal experience of operation. Anybody who’s willing to share feelings on this oil, we invite you to do it.

Photo: Michael Kolodochkin, Cactrol, depositphotos

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