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Tesla has accused the company Bosch in problems with the steering

A recent review of 125 thousand cars of the Model S was the fault of the parts supplier.

Service company raised 125 thousand electric cars American manufacturer, they were discovered excessive corrosion at the bolts of power steering. This problem affected only regions with a cold climate, but the manufacturer decided to recall the whole batch and replace the bolts in all the Model S.

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The responsibility for review is vested in the company Bosch, which has become a supplier of these parts. And those, in turn, will look for sell them the bolts.

In the report for the first quarter Tesla said: “the Recent withdrawal 125,000 Model S cars due to corrosion of the steering wheel, was not significant for our warranty, and, as expected, it will be covered by the obligations of the provider for compensation.” Plus they said that for the company it would be important to cover these costs, in terms of profitability.

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In itself, the Bosch company has not yet responded to the demands.

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