Tesla introduced the “cheap” crossover: from $39 thousand

Davailable electroscopes built on the same base as the sedan Model 3 – this unification made it possible to reduce production costs. Despite its compact size, the interior of the Model Y can accommodate up to seven people (extra charge for third row seats — $3000). The total storage compartments, including the trunk, under the hood — 1841 liter.

The novelty will be available in four versions: Standard, Long Range, Dual Motor AWD and Perfomance. Basic modification is accelerated to “hundreds” of 5.9 seconds, run without recharging for 370 km. Top performance related parameters are 3.5 and 450 km.

A subsidiary of the Volvo brand presented a “killer” Tesla for 40 thousand Euro

In addition, all versions of the new models have the optional Autopilot system, allowing electrocare “to govern” on the highway, maintaining the necessary distance to the vehicle ahead and perestraivat isch into two lanes.

The range of the declared price electrocreaser Model Y – from $39 000 to $ 60 000. Pre-ordering is already possible to place on the website of the brand. The first commercial samples will descend from the conveyor of the enterprise 1 Gigafactory in California in 2020. Later Tesla will establish the model for new enterprise in China.

Tesla decided to lower prices and increased them by 3%


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