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Tesla Roadster blasts off to outer space

Today, 6 February, the first company SpaceX will launch a Falcon Heavy rocket into space and the only passenger will be the Tesla Roadster.

At eight in the evening Kyiv time on the NASA spaceport in Florida to space launch the most powerful over the past 45 years the rocket Falcon Heavy. At the time, from the same cosmodrome launched the lunar mission the Apollo and other space shuttles.

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The Falcon Heavy has three accelerator, which will launch it into the sky. On Board the rocket could take 63.5 million kg of cargo, which can deliver into orbit. In the case of successful launch of one of the accelerator’s Falcon 9 sits on the Cape Canaveral and Central will land on the drone ship in the ocean.

During the test boosters they successfully landed on land or sea drones.

A Red Car for the Red Planet Test flights of new rockets usually contain mass simulators in the form of concrete or steel blocks. That seemed extremely boring. Of course, anything boring is terrible, especially companies, so we decided to send something unusual, something that made us feel. The payload will be an original Tesla Roadster, the playing Space Oddity, on a billion year elliptic Mars orbit.

Publication of Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 22, 2017 10:47 PST

But most importantly, the only passenger on this ship will be a Tesla Roadster, which will play the song of David Bowie’s Space Oddity. In the interior of the car will put a mannequin wearing a helmet and suit, and on the instrument panel will set miniatures the same car with a dummy in the cabin.

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Tesla Roadster first appeared in the November 2017 as the fastest production car. According to Elon musk, the Roadster has a new acceleration mode Maximum Plaid, superior to the previously known modes, Insane and Ludicrous in the models S and X. Tesla Roadster has a removable glass roof, and quadruple the body. The vehicle is provided by three electric motors – one in front and two behind. They provide all-wheel drive. cruising range on one charge is 1000 km at full speed, but the combined torque up to 10,000 Nm. Accelerates fastest car to the first hundred for 1.9 seconds and the maximum can reach 400 km/h.

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