Tesla started production of the new model for $35 million

Tesla began production of its new – Model 3. The first instance of the car went to the head of the brand Elon musk. This is what top Manager said in his Twitter.According to the Mask, the first paid pre-order and, accordingly, the right to the first production copy Model 3, belonged to a member of the Board of Directors of “Tesla” and investor of many companies in Silicon valley Aire Ehrenpreis. However, he gave place in turn on the 46 anniversary Mask. After that, the head of Tesla paid the full cost of the car.

As stated by Musk, July 28, the company Tesla plans to organize a special party for the first 30 customers of the Model 3. By August, the manufacturer expects to deliver customers 100 cars, and by September -1500. By December, the brand expects to bring the pipeline at full capacity, reaching a rate of 20 thousand cars a year.
Premiere prototype “budget” Tesla electric car took place in April, and by may the company had received about 400 thousand of preliminary applications for the purchase of the machine. Model 3 built on a new platform and can pass without recharging up to 345 kilometers. The basic version can accelerate from standstill to 96 kilometers per hour in six seconds, and a top — four seconds. Prices on new Tesla starts from 35 thousand dollars.

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