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Test drive crossover for every day: you’re invited!

Take five experts put him in the same room, and you will have five different opinions on one subject. “Behind the wheel” loves to test whether this old joke, or the truth on cars.“Behind the wheel”

This time we invite you, the readers of “Behind the wheel”, to participate in the test drive crossover Geely Atlas. About the car, we told here and here.

The conclusion of our experts is a good crossover for the city dweller on every day. But one thing the experts who ride on five tens machines during the year and whose eye is already somewhat “blurry”, and another thing — check for normal drivers.

Want to become an expert “Behind the wheel” and to test a nice crossover, write here and don’t forget to tell a few words about yourself: how old are you, how long been driving, what car do you drive now and why you are interested in satin.

We invite you to ride on the machine and tell (including video) that you liked the Atlas, and that — not really.

Test drive will be held in Moscow 2 and/or 3 November. So plan your weekend now — will be interesting!

Photo: “Behind the wheel”

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