Test drive Ford Fiesta: On tiptoe in the premium

Ford Motor Co hosted the European tests of the new Fiesta. In the spirit of the latest automotive trends, the novelty has tried to offer customers everything they can only dream of, in fact, on tiptoe to catch up in the premium. That from this left, the correspondent of our source checked out behind the wheel of a New Ford Fiesta.On tiptoe in the premium sounds ridiculous at first glance. And if more specific and say that it is now in the Ford Fiesta is better-equipped Audi A3 premium (in the database), which will be more expensive. Still funny or not?

About the main (and numerous) changes in the new Ford Fiesta, our source was told. But when the correspondent of our source saw the slender ranks of novelties in the Spanish airport Valladolid, I was surprised only that it was very similar to the current Fiesta. Ford did the same, like many other automakers do with their successful models tried not to hurt you. I.e., retain visibility from the Fiesta, but to detail honed what was so bad. And added what others were lacking. Or – requires a modern automobile fashion.

New Ford Fiesta looks into the premium class. Our report

In our country, Ford Fiesta, according to our source, takes first place in sales in its class. But the current generation of this model for 8 years and its beginning to unseat classmates new car generation. Practicality and equipment – this can be a Opel Corsa or Volkswagen Polo. Therefore, in the eighth generation of Fiesta, Ford has tried to offer such a “ground” that nothing anyone wanted to look further. And even more – to look around (competitors). You can think of, and the Fiesta is already there. Until premium acoustics from Bang&Olufsen, which previously could boast only of Audi.

For playful riding Ford Fiesta is also quite a competitors. This Peugeot 208, SEAT Ibiza and Renault Clio. So Ford had to try twice. our source tells that the result came out of it.

What did you think?
Exterior changes are small, although the Ford Fiesta is slightly longer (71 mm), lower (19 mm) and (37 mm). The smiling grille, which is encouraging, of course, remain. And, of course, in accordance with the automotive fashion, there is a LEDs front and rear. As running lights is already in the database. And in top versions – there’s even a clever LED with automatic adjustment of the force and direction of light. Yes, it’s the same Fiesta, but after a visit to an expensive beauty salon. And this new look, not the makeup washed off.

Also according to the fashion, the interior is now an 8-inch touch screen, which displays a picture of a rear view camera. It is well visible even in bright sunlight contrasting. Focusing on it, easy to ride reverse. Help guides and color of the dynamic line that moves along with turning the steering wheel, showing the path of the car.

Very cute (almost premium) new interior looks rich. That’s just plastic, though, and was better, still hard.

The wheelbase of the new Ford Fiesta increased by 4 mm (now 2493 mm). But behind enough. It’s still In class. So – not a few, but not enough. Not increased, and the amount of Luggage – all the same 292 l in the 3-door version, and 303 l 5-door. But, the back seat became more comfortable than before.

By the way, on the doors of the Ford Fiesta is a practical protective pads that appear when the door is opened and protects its edge from accidental bumps. And automatically hide when the door closes. As for Skoda Kodiaq. A very useful thing. Because Fiesta like many young drivers, and this model is often bought as a first car. For such cases, in the range of motors offer a 70-horsepower gasoline and 85-horsepower diesel. But like Fiesta and drivers with experience, who are fond of active and emotional ride.

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Enthusiasm remained
What are they doing? Where drive? Colleagues-journalists from other countries, as if by agreement, one after the other ahead of our test of the Ford Fiesta. Although we were going at a speed of 120 km/h on stretches between the hills narrow Spanish the snake with closed turns. 15 minutes, the correspondent of our source is also challenged. Managed new Fiesta perfectly. Speed steering from lock to lock is 2 and½. And the wheel is sharp enough. Its role in precision taxiing played and increased body rigidity. Therefore, vetasses to the rhythm of the bends in the road, I wanted to push.

With the growth of 185 cm, rim “donut” (now heated) slightly overlaps the speedometer at the top. And well. Looked under it, understand that shamelessly violate local maximum speed limits. And by the way keeps on the road the Fiesta, and how it fits into the turns, not to say that overclocked is about 200 Euro fine. Not satisfied with Navigator. He knows what are the restrictions and displays them to the driver. Yes red flashing vengeance that restrictions that have long been broken.

According to our source, the new Ford Fiesta comes with such power units: 1.1 l petrol 70-horsepower engine, 6-St automatic or manual transmission; 1.1 l petrol-85 HP with the A6 or M6; 1-liter 100-horsepower gasoline engine with a A6 or M6 and the system start/stop; 1-liter 125-HP with the A6 or M6 and the system start/stop; 1.5-liter diesel engine capacity of 85 HP with the A6 or M6; The 1.5-liter diesel engine capacity of 120 HP with the A6 or M6. And the version of the Vignale – 140-horsepower gasoline power unit with the A6 or M6 and system start/stop.

The correspondent of our source was able to ride a Ford Fiesta with a diesel engine capacity of 120 HP in picking Titanium with 6-St manual gearbox, and the new 140-horsepower gasoline engine and 6AT in picking Vignale.

In both of these versions of the Ford Fiesta quietly traveling at a speed of 160 km/h And the cabin is quiet. No wind noise, no sound of the motor does not hinder easy to listen Beng&Olufsen. Can people with sensitive musical ear on our roads want to strengthen the insulation of the underbody and the wheel arches. And perhaps no.

New Fiesta is quiet enough and elastic suspension that provides comfort and allows you to feel like a little athlete. Anyway, on the Spanish highway, streets and primers, to her there were no complaints. And the question is, is there enough ground clearance (roughly 13-14 cm), the correspondent of our source decided in practice. We stopped on a border of medium height. And moved out with him. Enough.

Despite all the bonuses of the improvements, the Fiesta has retained the enthusiasm, who enjoys sharing with a trained driver. This car, as a small dog devoted to its owner. Obey him in everything and does not get bored. Her feed is cheaper than any premium Saint Bernard. During the test with an active fervent drive average fuel consumption on the 120-horsepower diesel engine turned out to 5.5 l/100 km With the 140-horsepower gasoline engine is 7.5 l/100 km.

Will not disappoint
Buyers of cars In the class like never before require comfort, enjoyment, quality, technology. And in this case – reasonable price and not less reasonable operating costs. Therefore, in the new Ford Fiesta offers options for every taste and budget.

The most comfortable and full of options option – Fiesta Vignale. For sports lovers there is a version of the ST-Line, with sport kit, but no extra cost for a sport motor. But if you’re thinking about a really hot ride, but don’t want to give up comfort, Ford promises the Fiesta ST version. Very soon. Including in Ukraine. And in the short term, the city’s Fiesta crossover is Active.

We have a new Ford Fiesta, according to our source expect this autumn. The price is just about 15% more than the current. But it is – with a richer configuration. Therefore, most likely, those who are waiting for the Fiesta and dreamed about her, the novelty will not disappoint.


As usual from Ford Vignale premium make. Our report

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