Test drive Mazda CX-5 New on the Ukrainian roads

After some publications from the European tests of the updated Mazda CX-5, it was not clear how she goes. Because the roads there are others. But it was not clear: the new better than the previous CX-5? From our source had the opportunity to test the CX-5. And not only by native Ukrainian roads, but also on our high quality off-road.The question “new or facelift?” is not accidental. As reported by our source, the Director of the Department Mazda Yuliya Sivak, the price is almost the same as the Mazda CX-5, which was sold (and sold at competitive prices) we have until July. Prices start new from 649 thousand UAH.

This year, just in time for the 5-year anniversary model CX-5 on the market, this crossover has received a significant improvement. Apparently all has changed radically. But the question was: what’s new, aside from design, for the same money? And is the CX-5 is really better?

In Ukraine, began selling the new Mazda CX-5. The first digit
In Ukraine announced the prices for the new Mazda CX-5

The best is the enemy of the good?
The famous saying sometimes applies to cars. No accident, motorists are often reminded of the old car, hinting that the new is not. The correspondent of our source made a list of the changes announced in the new (updated) Mazda CX-5, and almost every item on this list, tested in practice, driving on a CX-5 more than 500 km.

But first, a few words about what test it was not possible. Fortunately that didn’t happen.

The body structure of the Mazda CX-5 the Japanese call SKYACTIV-BODY. To strengthen, about 3% more used heavy-duty steel. As a result, torsional rigidity increased by 15% compared to the previous model.

Enhancing the design is a plus.

To the naked eye
Without special equipment and measurements one can see that the appearance of the updated CX-5 looks more elegant. Grille consisting of bristling like a hedgehog-like triangular pyramids, causes distant Association with “Jaguar”. And new led headlights – Audi. According to Julia Sivak, premium is now becoming more democratic. and starts from 649 thousand UAH
Looking at the updated Mazda CX-5 understand that these reward Democrats with no hesitation drop model of the middle price segment. However, the questions caused the seam on the bottom separates (or connects) chrome framing of the grille.

Design is undoubtedly an advantage.

Without any questions good adaptive led headlights (ALH). And now they 12-segment LEDs. And before they were 4 segments. It is also a plus.

Another plus – new red body color Soul Red Crystal. It is about 20% brighter and almost 50% more saturated (deeper) than the previous ordinary Soul Red. Looks live, it’s almost like honey candy paints, which use the master tuning. And the Mazda CX-5 is included at no additional cost. It is also a plus.

The correspondent of our source specially photographed next to the old and the new Mazda CX-5. Even the photo clearly shows how different their red colour, grille and headlights.

In addition to the new colour Soul Red Crystal, for the new CX-5 offers 7 colors: Snowflke White pearl, Sonic Silver, Titanium Flash, Eternal Blue, Deep Crystal Blue, Jet Black and Machine Grey. In the last color the correspondent of our source went on CX-5 with 2.2-liter diesel engine. And the color Red Soul Crystal – with a 2.5-litre petrol. There are 2-liter petrol power unit. The engines in the updated CX-5 are the same as before. But auto – upgraded.

With a ruler
What is not visible to the naked eye, but measurements show: new 10 mm longer and 35 mm lower than its predecessor. Now the length of 4550 mm, width – 1840 mm, Vysota – 1680 mm. the Wheelbase has not changed – 2700 mm.

It is not evident, but the a-pillars shifted approximately 35 mm back. Difficult to say whether the reason for the shift stands, but the city in turns, they slightly overlap a lateral view.

Compared to the previous model, the 6% reduced drag coefficient. Accordingly, the speed became less aerodynamic noise. The correspondent of our source dispersed 2.2-litre diesel CX-5 up to 200 km/h and at this speed you can easily talk in the cabin. This is also a plus.

On view will not say, but the trunk has more. Now he is as much as 580 L. A baggage door in the top-end versions got the drive. Furthermore, the use of a thinner 9 mm floor panel and optimize the placement of instruments, increased underground from 10 to 30 liters. For even more practicality with the brand new hooks for fastening fixing nets. But hooks on the walls of the trunk and has not appeared. A plus and a minus.

The glove box has also changed. Its shape is now optimized for 10-inch tablet. And inside velvet coating. A trifle, but nice.

See/not see
The lounge also many changes that can be divided into visible and invisible.

Seen new 7-inch Central touch-display. Not seen that for the first time in Mazda cars it used the optical connection LCD monitro and touchpad. So the image became clearer and brighter and glare – less.

It is seen that the wheel, as in the Mazda6. But not see that he is now heated. Dashboard – the same as in the Mazda6 with a round instrument dials. And the center console visible new “nostrils” ventilation grills. Almost like the BMW. The hint is that the CX-5 now is not ashamed to call among its competitors Bavarian X1?

Not visible, but it is well felt that the plastic is now everywhere soft front and rear.

Not visible (you have to sit down) that the seats are upgraded and filled with new material – high quality polyurethane foam. It provides greater comfort during movement, but transmit those vibrations that the driver needs to feel feedback from the road surface. In the top configuration of the seat weight electrical adjustments. To be exact – 10. And there is memory. And the backs of the rear seats not only fold flat but also changing slope. The updated CX-5 is the first Mazda model that offers a 2 position backrest of the rear seats to an angle of 28 degrees.

The naked eye can see that the build quality is flawless. And no potholes was not even a hint of creaking panels. The entire interior – as a monolith.
To see what the rear seats are now heated, it is necessary to discard the Central armrest of the second row. Button heater on it. But they are located so that the road and rested her elbow on the armrest, and somehow always get to these buttons and include heating. Summer is not something to dream about. And it is likely that these buttons in the near future reasonably be postponed to another place. And yet the Japanese clearly didn’t know how to use them, when the back three and the armrest is hidden in the back?

JinbaIttai is not “Abracadabra”, typed by mistake in the wrong keyboard language, and the Japanese philosophical concept of the unity of rider and horse, the Mazda found the material embodiment. In addition to improved controllability (steering speed from lock-to-lock – 2½), in the updated CX-5 reduced noise and vibration in the cabin. As well as low frequency road and high frequency noise from the wind and tires.

By the way, some of sellers vehicles, they specifically take for comparative tests with its novelties is Mazda as a benchmark of handling.

It is clear that in Delaboratory conditions, the measurements of noise level to do correctly. But the correspondent of our source was an excellent test plot – Lviv pavement. It is different: older, newer, larger and smaller, even with failures and broken “teeth” of stones. Riding at speed for such coverage is not always very nice. But on the updated CX-5 level of comfort even on some of the roads were quite acceptable. Even in the back seat. Although, unlike the driver who focuses on the road, bored passengers is particularly attentive to comfort.

Well, sticking out of the pavement on rails tramvajnij crossings, demonstrated the upgraded suspension became more comfortable. While riding around Lviv can be assessed and improvements in noise insulation of the bottoms. They were visible, but the noise were not audible. It is also a plus.

And what is the sound of closing doors! As a German refrigerator. Including and the width of the window sills that say about the thickness and reliability of the doors. Not that the Chinese have. And, by the way, the door is now wider than before.

Suspension modified so that almost do not feel the relief road. Mazda CX-5 was very comfortable. And this is on our roads. And on our roads. Many rear passengers even sleepy – rocked. Despite the fact that on 19 discs often had two wheels to go on the road to rural roads, to pass with tractors and buses.

On the highway at 120 km/h in the cabin quiet. And wind noise start to appear in the CX-5 only after 160 km/h. With pleasure you can listen to perfect sound audio system Bose with 10 loudspeakers, a subwoofer and 8-channel digital sound processing. It is specially created for interior the CX-5. And the system is not ashamed to turn it up, because this is done not in order to drown out external noises. And to hear those sounds which you may not even know, listening to the classics early.

For acoustic comfort is a common observation for all versions of the updated CX-5. But as far as the cabin became quieter, have demonstrated a diesel version. It the correspondent of our source took the test first.

What innovations has received the Mazda CX-5
In Los Angeles introduced a new generation Mazda CX-5

Diesel 2.2
That under the hood of diesel with 175 HP, it was possible to read in the papers, which were lying in the glovebox. Or hearing the sound of the motor, if you are outside. Inside to determine what powertrain under the hood is a little chance.

And the fact that under the hood generally have an internal combustion engine, can only find that out when he spins up more than 3500 rpm. It does not make noise, and it just becomes audible. Transmission: 6-St automatic switch to 4000 rpm, but you would expect from a 175 horsepower dynamics. At speeds after 120 km/h is difficult to achieve dynamic pickup. Kick-down is not and the car picks up speed very gradually. To make a quick overtaking, you have to go into manual mode and downshift (no paddles). How so, because the previous generation CX-5 with this engine went perfectly!

It is not excluded that this is due to the new settings 6-St automatic transmission for fuel economy. For these purposes and the system start/stop (i-stop) – restart not more than 0.35 seconds. It works correctly, and as a result after driving around Lviv, off-road ride and drive on the highway at a speed of 200 km/h, as well as photo shoots with the engine, the average consumption of diesel turned out to 7.3 l/100 km.

Polonyna Ruta
This is the highest polonyna in the Carpathians. There had to be a Soviet base defenses. And war paved mountain valley on a 15-kilometer road from two rows of concrete slabs. But it was a long time, and in many places the plates parted, he heaved in some places disappeared, and between them formed a “gorge”. Sometimes it is overgrown with grass, and sometimes washed with water to such depth that will jump up and you can easily tear off the wheel. Or, at least, to leave the “gorge” bumper. For more drama, of concrete in many places picturesquely sticking out of rusty rebar, and do the broken edges of the plate – sharp enough. A great exercise to check the accuracy of taxiing and visibility. Importantly, the mirrors were always visible margin of the road sides at least half the width of the wheel.

We must say that the whole column Mazda CX-5 have risen by almost 1,500 m and came down without loss. Sometimes, though, plates were sliding in different directions so that at speed, sitting behind the wheel, instinctively wanted to put a little wider feet, so as not to fall into the “gorge”. To overcome the 15-mile climb took about 40 minutes. And to go down – reliable brakes that did not overheat from the constant friction.

Mazda CX-5 – SUV, but its all-wheel drive system i-AWD ACTIV gives you the ability to move safely in everyday road. And feel confident on slippery surfaces: wet grass, dirt, ice. The ground clearance of the CX-5 and 192 mm at 200 mm petrol and diesel versions. It would seem that the difference in the 8 mm is not very big. But because of her diesel Mazda CX-5 comes in high-speed turns with more enthusiasm than diesel. And diesel after 80 km/h to enter the turns, sometimes scary. Although, 80 km/h is not enough. There is also a front-wheel version.

Petrol 2.5
Another version of the updated CX-5, which tested the correspondent of our source – a gasoline 2.5-liter 194-horsepower 6-St automatic transmission.

At first, somehow it seems that the motor is heard better than the diesel version. But literally after 5 minutes, the sound of the engine stop to think at all. We can say that the cabin is quiet. And in the back it’s quieter than the diesel. And yet – somehow it seemed that the petrol version handles better than diesel. Did the same 8 mm?

In normal mode, the automatic transmission shifts gears at 4000 rpm. But in petrol version there is a mode “sports”. Turn it on and the motor starts to sing, and the gear shift occurs at 6,000 rpm For rapid overtaking on the track, too, must go to or in “sport” or simulate a “pen.” But there are no paddles, so the second option is likely to be used in extreme cases. But there is a kick-down, so the dynamics of the 2.5-liter version – no complaints.

The average consumption of gasoline turned out to 9.7 l/100 km. a Bit for nearly two hundred horses and drive at a speed of 180-190 km/h.

See all
It is necessary to tell about the color (!) projection right on the windshield speedometer, tips, GPS and speed limit signs. In the previous version all of this was broadcast on a glass screen that rose from the dashboard when I start the motor. Now, for the first time at Mazda, CX-5, the projection is directly onto the glass. As for premium cars. Without reservation. The image is clear even in bright sunlight and you can see it well always. Very convenient!

The pros and cons
In order to objectively assess whether Mazda CX-5 after the update is better than dorestaylingovyh version, our source engaged in addition and subtraction.

+ 1. To strengthen the structure
+ 2. New led lights 12 diodes
+ 3. An even more elegant design
+ 4. Soft plastic in the cabin
+ 5. More comfortable suspension
+ 6. Greater trunk volume
+ 7. The backs of the rear row to change the tilt
+ 8. Doors open wider
+ 9. Better sound insulation, undercarriage and engine compartment
+ 10. Baggage door got the drive
+ 11. The projection on the windshield
+ 12. New red body color Soul Red Crystal
+ 13. The heated steering wheel
+ 14. Reduced drag coefficient

– 1. Accidental activation of heated rear seats
– 2. More comfortable but less sporty suspension
– 3. In the trunk and has not appeared hooks for Luggage
– 4. In the diesel version there is no “sport” mode
– 5. 2.5-liter gasoline version has no paddles shift
– 6. No ventilation leather seats


14 pros vs. 6 cons

As our source said the head of “international Auto” Daisuke Tires, the updated CX-5 Mazda continues the tradition of continuous improvement – Refied Toughness – Improving Perfect. And this process goes on, once the Japanese did not hesitate to compare CX-5 with the BMW X1. And if we talk about them as rivals, interior from Mazda prettier than the Bavarians.

Given the fact that the motors and the technical stuffing has not been processed, the novelty is not correct to call the new and updated Mazda CX-5. But it is a deep restyling. Conclusion: restyled Mazda CX-5 is definitely better than the previous. And unconditionally and even better for the same money.


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