Test drive Opel Crossland X: middle ground between SUV and minivan

It seems that fans of the compact MPV from Opel has received a gift. Especially for them, the Germans released a compact urban crossover with a large internal volume and at a reasonable price. Than for this had to sacrifice Opel, the correspondent of our source found out in the place driving the Opel X. Crossland would normally expect from a small car? Sane rates, reasonable operating costs and perky nature. Can offer it all Opel Crossland X? To be successful, it needs all of this to offer. Because he would have to deal with enough serious competitors: Nissan Juke, Renault Captur, Citroen C4 Cactus, SsangYong Tivoli… the list goes on.

About the features of the Opel Crossland X our source was told. It is time to share impressions of the drive. The correspondent of our source managed to test Crossland X with a 1.2-liter 3-cylinder 110-horsepower turbocharged gasoline engine and 6АКПП and with the 1.6-liter diesel engine turbo 100 HP with 5MKPP.

In any case, for those who didn’t read our announcement about what new opalewski crossover is going to win Nissan Juke recall: Opel Crossland X is built on the platform of the Peugeot 2008 is equipped with motors and Peugeot. But the “trick” is that When X in the hierarchy Opel has replaced the Meriva, and therefore, usao something and this compact MPV.

Than Opel Crossland X is going to win a Nissan Juke. Our report

German reserved
After the original exterior design with two-tone colouring of the body and the floating roof, the Opel showroom Crossland X seems simple. Although, he is all German cars of the middle class. And for that matter, the Opel interior more fun than a VW. where sometimes it is possible and to fall asleep from boredom

Plastic trim, again, in accordance with the class of car, everywhere hard. The front and the back. But front and back is enough high five and plump.

Famous opalewski seat approved by the German Institute for healthy backs, provide an opportunity to get comfortable in the driver’s seat. And ergonomics of the driver’s seat such that the first sat behind the wheel of the Opel Crossland X, you can easily just go. Without used and podstrani under the character of the car and landing. Landing, by the way, When X is high, commander. In this small crossover you feel confident in a big SUV.

A very convenient option – a retractable projection screen that rises when you start the motor (as in the Peugeot and Mazda). Then duplicated the speedometer and hints of Navigator. The driver looks at the road and this important information is always in front of him. Even under the bright sun projection does not tarnish. However, if you connect to the car Navigator smartphone, its tooltip will not be displayed on the movable display. Only on the primary monitor.

Rear view camera Opel Crossland X – average accuracy. 5 mm on the camera screen is about 50 cm to the obstacle in the real world. The picture could be clearer. But guide lines on the monitor is active and accurately show the trajectory with the rudder. The line width is the minimum safe clearance to lateral obstructions.

Convenient and long time favorite option – the control system of dead zones, which warns of interference in the rear adjacent lane, flashing lights in the exterior mirrors. Crossland is in X and the system control lanes. She pulls hands from the steering wheel, trying to return the car in its lane, as is often the case. The system gently in his arms. Unobtrusively informs.

Not boring
On the highway with a 110-horsepower gasoline engine and 6-St automatic transmission to the correspondent of our source managed to disperse Opel Crossland X to 179 km/h (top speed 189 km/h). The car rides firmly, but after 110 km/h it starts to be a slight windage. Therefore, it is necessary to firmly hold the rudder, passing by big trucks.

Cabin noise in the Opel Crossland X is so good that even after 150 km/h here heard only a small aerodynamic noise from the exterior mirrors. And coldly 110-horsepower engine does not interfere. But what is most surprising: I can’t hear and noise of the bottom and wheel arches, sin than many European cars. At the same time, we can say that you are not determine by ear how many cylinders in the engine. No characteristic vibrations, no thin metal sound/buzz, it is not “troit”. Actually, the motor did not hear. About engine you remember when the rpm exceeds 3500 per minute. But remember. Noise is not called.

To distinguish Crossland Opel diesel X from diesel on the outside is easier than being in the cabin. And not only sound. Simply open the fuel filler flap. Diesel – two necks. The second is for Adblue in version Euro 6.

The 110-horsepower gasoline engine and 6-St Crossland X automatic transmission accelerates to 100 km/h in 11.8 s. But the feeling seems to be that it makes it faster.

The diesel engine is also quite noisy. And ride it also can be quite briskly. Disperse hundreds – 12, but with 5MKPP Opel Crossland X just takes off. Transfer included clearly. And due to the torque of 254 Nm, frequently switch is not necessary.

Steering Opel Crossland X – light. Although it may seem a bit empty (with weak feedback) on the autobahn. But the question of who is better at handling Crossland X or the Peugeot 2008 is difficult to answer. At the same time, to say that Opel is worse too. And, by the way, if you urgently need excellent handling, Opel is Astra. Unfortunately, several buyers underestimated in Ukraine.

Test drive Opel Astra K. Technology quantum leap

How really good suspension Crossland X, and how comfortable she fulfills all the bumps, really understand, when you go by the passenger.

Both test Opel Crossland X had a start/stop system, which is here called ecoTEC. At this point I want to quote one of the slogans opalewski Crossland X: to save fuel have not been so fun. The amazing thing is that it’s almost true. The average gasoline consumption of 110-horsepower engine turned out during the test of 8.1 l/100 km With a diesel engine, the figure is 6.5 l/100 km Is pretty good for those speeds at which we traveled, but the joy of large savings is not drawn. But the riding was really fun.

Want to save even more you can compare the average figures of fuel consumption of Opel Crossland X and the competitors such as the Nissan Juke and Renault Captur.

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The Victim Opel
Opel is positioning Crossland X as a more practical alternative to the Mokka X, but it is also a more economical choice. As Crossland X at the start is cheaper (from 15 to 300 Euro). But if you think Mokka X sacrifice, and this model is some sort of corporate blunder by GM, you are mistaken. At Mokka X is something that will never have This X – all-wheel drive (for those who need it). By the way, we can say that Opel Crossland Grandland X and X letter “X” went in the name illegally. At the time, Opel said it will refer only to four-wheel drive models.

Test drive Opel Grandland X. the lion and the lightning

And whether Crossland X Opel all-wheel drive with ground clearance of 124 mm. It, by the way, according to old French tradition, Opel now also started to hide.

Can not be called a victim of Opel and not German ancestry Crossland X. moreover, the passport, When X in General, a Spaniard. It is made at the plant in Zaragoza.

The main and the real victim of Opel is “gimovsky” motors. After all, Opel is gradually switched on the power units PSA. At least, not to pay for a license for their production is GM.

But what do the buyers of these victims to Opel? Moreover, they win. The Peugeot 2008 platform which is built Crossland X – the model is proven, and award-winning many European awards. And motors Peugeot, which complement 2008, and now use on Crossland X – won in many competitions. The same 1.2 litre Pure Tech has become the “Engine of the Year 2016”. Another result of the Franco-German Alliance – a reasonable price When X – is not disappointing.

Thus, lovers of the MPV, which has long been going to change my Meriva for a trendy urban crossover, but was waiting for a reasonable price, got a good chance in the face of Crossland X. And it does have many virtues that make this crossover one of the most practical cars in its class.


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