Test-drive Renault Duster: a Strong honest guy

With Renault Duster edition, our source are familiar not by hearsay. This “scandalously affordable” crossover conquered us during the premiere in the Crimea, in 2010. Then once we went on different versions of Duster, including the updated version of 2015. But the reason for the next experience was the appearance on the market of Ukraine Duster with the “robot” EDC6. That’s what really lacked Duster is a box “automatic”. After all, fans of such a transmission is becoming more and Renault for a long time could offer only “mechanics”. How does the new transmission have transformed the character of the car? we decided to find out in Transcarpathia.

Won’t bother listing all the features of Renault Duster. Anyone interested – read our previous test.

The first acquaintance with Renault Duster New: this is from him and waited for
Test drive the updated Renault Duster: all occasions

We note only that in a few years, the Duster does not look outdated. On the contrary, the updates of 2015 gave it a touch of brutality. He was like the guy after gym-muscled side panels, stylish aluminium pads front and rear, original radiator shell. But most of all we liked the roof rails. They are powerful, sturdy and in the same brutal style emphasise the character of the Renault Duster. On top without fear can strengthen not only racks, but bicycles, etc.

And these roof rails complete the look Duster, as such, “good guy”.

The interior Duster is a particular style will not impress, but in practice it turned out to be quite convenient and thoughtful. Yeah, there’s hard plastic in the finish, the old archaic “whirlings” of the climate, there is no armrest and simplified “glove-box”. But, there is already a monitor audio system, navigation and onboard computer, air conditioning, power Windows, heated mirrors and seats, cruise control. And don’t forget that Duster actually is one of the most affordable crossovers on the market. Only cheaper “field” and “Chinese”, and even then not in all versions.

For the money Renault Duster is more than a decent car. And no “Fields” and UAZ and in comparison do not go. The price tag for the Duster starts from 368 thousand hryvnia, and our test Duster with the “robot” and diesel engine 1.5 l 110 HP pulled 506806 UAH.

Luggage compartment volume 475 l, too, left a positive impression. Smooth metal floor covered with Mat, allows you to put even very heavy loads. It’s not “cardboard” as many other cars. Low loading height and the absence of a threshold is also an obvious plus to “Duster”. Of course, the Luggage compartment is easy to increase, pushing the rear seat backs.

But without a little “fly in the ointment” is still not done. A button to open the trunk of the Duster have deep and strong to be embedded, for example, that ladies with a manicure, not easy to do. Space for rear passengers in the Renault Duster is not too much, but close it too difficult to call.

More overhead aluminum thresholds constantly strive to stain your pants at the time of planting. In the winter and slush will not just go out and get dirty.

But on the other hand, because no one ever says that Duster is the front of the limo.

On the go
Test Duster was with the new “robot” EDC6 and with a 1.5-liter diesel engine 110 HP And exactly this combination we have already seen on Renault Megane Sedan. Remember, from this car we were thrilled. Let’s see how will manifest itself in the Renault Duster.

Diesel 1,5 DCi 110 HP and a torque of 240 Nm possess excellent characteristics. But Duster is bigger, heavier (total weight 1785 kg) and the other aerodynamics. The first thing you notice when you start the engine – this is a great insulation. No diesel noise. Renault Duster so quiet that at first I can’t believe what’s under the hood – diesel. The secret here is simple, just open the hood and see an impressive Mat of sound insulation between engine and cabin.

Diesel pulls from the bottom, and “robot” EDC helpful podymaet the right gear. Delay – the minimum and ordinary motorists do not notice. In automatic mode, you can safely go for years. From EDC6 there is a manual shift function. To do this, we need to get the gearshift lever to the left and push it forward and backward, self-changing transmission. In this mode, useful, for example, to descend from the mountain, poteryaeva engine. Or speed up the dynamics of the overtaking, forcibly lowering the transmission.

However, overtaking can go completely in the automatic mode, the “brains” of the “robot” is very agile, and he is literally moments understands your intentions. But if you want more control over the process itself, such a possibility too.

Once again do not get tired to admire the energy suspension Renault Duster. It is just perfect for our roads, though any quality. Small and large pits, ruts from trucks, waves and nodules for Duster all this is irrelevant. 2000 km trip from Kiev to the Carpathians and back suspension never broke! And just for that we can safely recommend the Duster.

In addition, Renault has managed to achieve and balance with the handling. Front-wheel drive Duster confidently holds the road on the straight lines at various speeds up to 160-170 kmh, and only on mountain serpentines banks are forced to reduce speed. Mountains – no simple test for any crossovers. But Renault Duster and not become a “whipping boy”.

Torquey diesel and dexterous “robot” allowed at any time to go on overtaking of trucks, as soon as a couple of hundred free meters. Of course, in such moments you always want a hundred “horses” more, and in a Duster they would also would not be superfluous. But frankly, and 110 HP coped with the task.

Diesel Renault again has pleased us at the gas station. On a full tank (60 l), we safely arrived from Kiev to the Carpathians and even hitting 100 kilometers in the region, including the mountains and the climbs. When it’s time to calculate the consumption, it was found that in this way the flow rate was 6 l / 100 km. Back and even managed to fit 5.5 l / 100 km.

And what more crossover for the money will bring a flow?

Without showing off
After this trip I can safely recommend the Renault Duster with the “robot” EDC6, as an alternative to much more expensive crossovers with “automatic”. If earlier, when the Duster was only “mechanics”, he dropped out of the list of priorities. Now, there is a reason to take another look. Yes, there is no “xenon”, leather, etc. and halogen headlights Shine great, seat in fabric upholstery very comfortable, and ride it comfortably. Here only the R-Link missed performance and loading speed. We already went, and it still loaded.

As for the alternative at the price of a car won’t name the brand, the Duster will be beyond comparison. It is sturdy, comfortable, economical, and, in its own way, a nice crossover. But the power consumption of the suspension it just wins. The last time the same feelings we have caused a Toyota Prado on the road in Kirovograd region. Renault Duster is, of course, not Prado for comfort, but the price tag after the other. Initial equipment Duster with the “robot” starts from 487 thousand. Version performed Previlege (we went) will cost UAH 506821. All Duster with “robot” are front-wheel drive 4×2 performance. All-wheel drive is still only available with the “mechanics”.

Kiev-Svaliava, Mukachevo-Uzhgorod-Kiev

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