Test drive the Ford Transit Custom. A new standard for commercial vans

Than a commercial van is different from a passenger car? First and foremost capacity. And also the fact that in the van, usually, everything is easier, worse comfort, and the trendy electronic assistants less. Ford claims that the new Transit Custom is the new standard for one-ton van. If it was, the correspondent of our source checked out behind the wheel of a novelty.The new Ford Transit Custom – new design. And it is visible to the naked eye. And certainly no one will miss the new led running lights. It’s the same ovals as in new automobile models by Ford. And Transit Custom is the same as on cars Ford-branded grille. For many it is reminiscent of the Aston Martin. This time the correspondent of our source was able to compare how similar they are. Test Transit Custom specially tailored to “‘t Aston Martin”. Yes – indeed there are similarities.

In-cab Transit Custom affinity with cars models Ford more. And the dashboard and controls are very reminiscent of the interior of the new Ford Fiesta. In Transit Custom even (which is not in all cars) the steering column is adjustable in height and reach. And steering wheel button control, steering-wheel itself can be covered in leather, and the center console – 8 inch touch screen monitor Ford SYNC 3. With regard to the different useful niches and pockets, the Transit Custom, much more than in passenger cars.

For example, in the cab Ford Transit Custom and the driver, and the passenger – two compartments for glasses and bottles or change. The whole dashboard top also has a lot of nice grooves. One socket for 12 volt connector to USB. On the ceiling of the cabin – the pocket where the driver can put the documents. Many pockets of different configurations and cards doors. And between the backs of chairs, on the wall that separates the cabin from the cargo compartment, – two hooks for clothing.

Of course: plastic trim – rigid. But he’s good. And the build quality is on par.

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Seats in the cab – 3. And if you are overweight, then it can go three, even over long distances. Moreover, the joy of communication the three of us, will not be deprived even of tall people. The correspondent of our source with the growth of 185 cm sat quietly in the passenger seat and off of his lap to the glove box lid was left at the width of the palm. But the worst may be the driver with an increase of 195 cm and above. We also checked during the test.

But unlike cars, in the “trunk” Ford Transit Custom can carry loads weighing 1 ton. Van, depending on model, has a volume from 6 m3 to 8.3 m3. Themselves modifications at the moment 3. Is – 280 Transit Custom Van Transit Custom Van Transit Custom 290 and 320 c Van high roof. In each modification there is a long wheelbase and short wheelbase versions. Depending on this length 4973 mm 5340 mm width all the same – 2272 mm, and height (except for version with high roof) is 2343 mm.

Race with Aston Martin
It so happened that at that hotel, which brought together European journalists to test drive the Ford Transit Custom, there were other tests – the Aston Martin. Coincidence?

Possible. But. The similarity of the radiator grilles Ford and Aston Martin has already been said. In addition, we have on the test were Transit Custom in Sport version with a 170-horsepower 2-liter turbocharged diesel engine with a maximum torque of 405 Nm. Also a kind of “Aston” among commercial vans. And even rare for commercial vehicles 6-St automatic transmission Select Shift, manual gear shift. No wonder this version is called Sport and has racing stripes along the body and alloy wheels.

New Ford Transit Custom is also offered with 2-liter EcoBlue TDCi with a capacity of 105 HP (360 Nm and 6МКПП) and 130 HP (385 Nm, 6АКПП). This new engine Ford put into production in 2016. Compared to the previous 2.2-liter diesel engine, its fuel economy is improved by 13% and torque increased by 20%.

To bring your test to the actual conditions in the cargo Bay put a weight of 1 ton. With Aston Martin we are certainly not competed. But the drive to the Ford Transit Custom is appreciated in different conditions: on the highway, the autobahn, the narrow streets of small German villages and even mountain roads.

Passenger comfort
Landing of the driver is not just convenient, and with a good view. Sitting high up, see far, as the SUV. Additional comfort gives short bonnet and large windscreen that goes down behind the instrument panel. To the front obstacle, you can drive almost right up. Therefore, it is not difficult to maneuver. And the turning radius of the new van is almost a passenger. In the Parking lot had ten times “fidget” back and forth to turn around.

Plus in the cockpit, good ergonomics: all controls are at hand. And, again, at the driver’s fingertips pocket for documents, secured to the cabin ceiling in front of the rear view mirror and niches on the surface of the instrument panel.

When making 170-horsepower diesel, I think that it could work and be quiet. But, if you compare for example with the new Ford Fiesta. And in many other modern passenger car diesel engines can be heard stronger and the vibration from them anymore. In Transit Custom motor sound is heard just enough to make it clear that it works. And the “voice” of the engine begins to penetrate after 2500 rpm But this is a diesel that spins up to these revs only under load. In the normal drive mode 1000 – 1500 rpm.

Suspension, of course, not “Mercedes”. But, sorry, it’s a commercial van. And to say that hard suspension is also impossible. It is hard enough to withstand heavy loads and provide Transit Custom predictable behavior on the road even at high speed and in cornering. Therefore, objectively, the suspension is supple and quite comfortable.

Intelligent assistants
Ford Transit Custom equipped with a mass of electronic assistants driver. And tested means, such as a rearview camera and guides, which show the trajectory, depending on the steering. And, by the way, show pretty accurately. Also, as the minimum distance to the obstacle behind.

Another proven option to dead zones BLIS. Exterior mirrors in Transit Custom is not just a double “mugs” with panoramic panels at the bottom. They have a sensor monitoring dead zones. As at the latest cars. And a new feature called Variable Rear Range not only informs about cars that are approaching from behind at a higher speed, but “sees” in the blind areas and motorcyclists.

Have Ford Transit Custom and such electronic assistants, which many cars still only dream of. For example, the system of reading of traffic signs. The camera is located in the upper part of the windshield to block light sensors and rain. Intelligent Speed Assist duplicates the speed limit sign on the dashboard and begins to “swear” when you exceed this speed. In advanced versions, she is able to slow down the van. Very convenient. And important for us, in connection with the forthcoming New year, with a maximum speed limit in towns to 50 km/h.

Put “fifty dollars” and not worried about the fines, which, on the contrary (as opposed to speed), want to improve. Transit Custom is the first commercial vehicle with such a system, according to Ford.

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And, of course, a very useful system of Cross Traffic Alert, which scans the area behind the van when he goes back to the Parking lot. And if the path (or approaching) a pedestrian, cyclist or car gives the signal.

It is clear that the rate for commercial vans – the parameter is not of first importance. But as it turned out on the Ford Transit Custom, not only do you not feel cargo snail, which inhibits all motion in the strip. You can do this movement to revive. Or no problem to get around on the autobahn, many cars.

Aston Martin on the track we never met. But riding on a Transit Custom with load in the 1 ton in the van at a speed of 160 km/h And this Transit Custom is confidently kept the road and in the cabin was a good place to talk. No motor sound, no wind noise did not interfere. The van sailed like a ship. The only thing that version with the high roof was more windage, and the van had to “hold fast to” during wind gusts. By the way, among electronic assistants are and electronic stabilization Transit Custom during lateral wind gusts.

If you really want a Ford Transit Custom with a 170-horsepower engine even allows you to start with slip. A 6-St automatic transmission shifts gears without delay, when the engine speed exceeds 4500, and the drive is not boring.

Automobile efficiency
When the reporter started our source test, the average diesel consumption was 8.8 l/100 km. What, in General, a bit, for 170 horsepower and tons of weight behind. However, when on the highway the van drove at a speed of 160 km/h, diesel consumption increased to 9.2 l/100 km, But on average, at the end of the test track, highway, city riding and mountain serpentines, consumption of diesel turned out to 8.5 l/100 km If is not so hard to press on the pedal, it will be significantly less. The characteristics of the Ford results for this model the consumption in the urban cycle and 6.4 l / 100 km.

Not the last role was played by the start/stop system, which will give much greater fuel economy for city driving. It silences the engine at traffic lights and not sleeping, and the time is activated when you take your foot off the brake pedal.

On the serpentines – a separate conversation. According to fellow journalists, on how the Ford Transit Custom passes and turns on the roads, it leaves a much better impression of handling than some crossovers and SUVs. Yes, and maneuverability when riding on the Transit Custom, there is no feeling of a large van. Speed steering from lock to lock 3 and¼.

Dynamics and ride comfort of the Ford Transit Custom has caused drivers have different fantasies. Someone thought about how to turn the cargo Bay into the cabin for travel. To put the big sofa and hang on the wall flat. And someone, the host’s eye was estimated as somewhere in Berdychiv from passenger to turn it into a full passenger van.

According to our source, the Ford Transit Custom can be checked in our environment and who want to alter in February of next year.

By the way, the Ford Transit Custom was the best selling van in Europe in the solid segment in 2015 and 2016. And since the beginning of this year, it sold more than 86,4 thousand of this model. With the innovations that have been new Transit Custom, Ford are confident that these records will be beaten. No accident Ford has invested in joint venture, Ford Otosan in Turkey, from where comes the new, $ 52 million and plans to increase production to 330 thousand cars a year.


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