FromKrajina sales of SsangYong Tivoli launched on 25 July 2016. If you don’t believe me, just open the search engine and rummage in the news. However, the premiere of the car itself and it was not: our importer was limited to the scanty distribution of the release about the start of sales. Last but not least for this reason, about the new gossip a few days… and interest suddenly waned. Tivoli is not really advertised – almost not promoted through print media and generally not hung up on the billboards. And even get the car for a test was impossible. Therefore such a surprise that a crossover almost never occurs on the streets? But not notice it in the stream it is simply impossible owing to the very irregular appearance.

While the Koreans together with its distributor enthusiastically played the “iron curtain”, the market went extremely curious competitor, and also the Korean blood – Hyundai Creta. Well, the main rival for them is not handing over the popularity of the Nissan Juke. Well, here’s a trio and take them to detailed comparison.

All test participants are equipped with a 1.6-liter atmospherically capacity from 117 to 128 forces and automatic transmissions. Drive to the front wheels. The price of each – around half a million hryvnias.

I love it*

*If you read Tivoli backwards, will I love it. Koreans are proud of.

On the track Tivoli frustrating not too informative wheel and behind the three leaders in the energy intensity of the suspension. The maximum possible bundles of motor – machine is impressive.

Leather upholstery, heated second row seats, and rear view camera. All these options are not available for the Ukrainian version of the Tivoli – or rather, a single, uncontested picking DLX – for any money. The word really. As, indeed, all-wheel drive. For 519 900 hryvnia, we propose to become owners of SUV in pretty good, but not the richest and most advanced equipment. Many competitors today has moved on, and the lack of choice disappointing. And I even find it difficult to answer: it is sad to me or fun?

The interior of the Tivoli is far less controversial and avant-garde than its exterior. Ergonomics are good, the quality of materials is very good.
Despite the fact that Tivoli is a fresh car, its instruments – a typical “Korea” old-school. Digitization – in a circle, as on cars Skoda. To Russify the trip computer over the past year and did not bother.The key in the left driver’s knee is responsible for selecting one of driving modes: Eco, Winter or Power. Enabled by default “the default” Normal. In the response to the accelerator is the most common.Our only configuration Tivoli, fortunately, is provided with climate control. Buttons on the console are located in a chaotic manner, and the system works roughly. The wheels are responsible for heated front seats, comfortable. The USB port on the test machine somehow not working.

Sad because the machine itself is not bad. Tivoli neatly assembled both outside and inside. The door closed with uniform force, the salon does not smell of phenol. Front seats with manual adjustments, but thank you that in our configuration there is a setting in height: here you can get not worse than Hyundai in Creta. The profile of the driver’s seat even better. What a very good steering wheel with tides under the virtual grip!

Unlike competitors, the force on the steering wheel can be adjusted. Thin red button to the right of the button of the alarm system lets you choose from presets of steering – Comfort, Normal and Sport. If I had to choose one of them for life – would have stopped at last. In the “comfort” and “normal” feedback in the steering wheel is not enough. But the “sport mode”. While turning the steering wheel in the Parking lot still not hard.

The Tivoli boot is small, moreover, without a banal shelf. To smooth the experience does not help even a neat organizer under the floor. Disk dokatki some reason painted in blue. Apparently to motivate the owner to quickly renovate the main wheel.

At lower levels the Tivoli is so agile that I want to go out and look under the hood of the turbine. SsangYong vividly responds to the accelerator, the machine promptly slips the engine transmission. Surprise catch a temporary high. But it is necessary to please torn traffic the euphoria passes. “Korean” starts to twitch as neurotic, telling the driver that its creators are not too strained trying to make friends with the good engine with 6-speed Aisin fluid mechanics.

Regular plastic protection inherited Tivoli in a couple of places stayed on the plastic clamps. Not surprising when you consider that before the land of 145 mm. And is it a crossover?

With the exception of the plug gargoti, scold Tivoli for driving comfort absolutely do not want. Suspension adequately fulfills the vast majority of road defects, noise at the level of key competitors. And the ride is quite decent even on the primers. The main task outside of the pavement – not to tear off the bumper and sit on the bottom. Clearance Tivoli – only 145 mm. Just like the liftback Skoda Octavia.

November Juke

Juke is the most agile of the trio. He has a sharp chassis and a well tuned bunch of motor – variator. The suspension is not as omnivorous as Crete, but in most situations, its intensity is enough.
Quality materials Juke plug for the belt of any of the current competitors. Ergonomics without much issues. The only complaint – not enough “sites” to tripe. In a small alcove under the console fits every smartphone.
Compactly grouped devices are well read. Display the trip computer at first seems cluttered, but then you get used.The dense layout of the cabin forced nysanova positioning buttons heated seat just under the elbow. Not the most elegant solution,
but not to say annoying.The Central diagonal touchscreen a little more than a Cretu – 5.8 inch. However, even the camera system of the circular review is perceived quite adequately. By the way, this system is inaccessible to any of his classmates Juka.The bottom information block on the console is the main interior feature of the car. With the touch keys above the display varies the purpose of each button! In the first case you set the climate control, second – select one of driving modes.

To take or not to take the test in Nissan Juke? We pondered this for almost a week. The fact that unlike other couples, this four-wheeled hipster is hard to imagine as the only family car for all occasions. And yet the fact of the popularity of Juke in the Ukrainian market played a role – take!

And have not regretted this guy is not boring. Compared to other test takers the interior of the Juke is amazing. The soft “floating” visor instrument panel, high-quality leather on the seats and, of course, the “magic” of the climate unit with interactive buttons. In China market the Juke is sold under the Infiniti brand – and it does not protest. Now close your eyes and try to imagine how to work your magic on Kretol to without shame to hang it on the Genesis label. Presented? That’s it!

From the point of view of ergonomics Juke imperfect, however, the epochal failures no. Yes – the joystick control mirrors will have to look in the left knee, Parking sensors enable the right elbow, and the phone is to remove one of the Cup holders in the tunnel, because the niche under the beak of the console is too small. I’m still willing to forgive Nissan these features for classroom materials, a good seat and premium equipment. In our machine for the 605 070 hryvnia has dead zones and even the system of the circular review.

The trunk of the Juke is the smallest, and its opening is the narrowest. However, several travel bags fit with no problems. Under the floor – a stowaway.

Start – fun and the Juke takes off. The engine and CVT are here in perfect harmony, and the insulation does not cause problems: the traditional variable speed rumble in the Nissan barely noticeable and not annoying. And the efficiency of the machine is decent – the Juke is in a 190-horsepower version has a reputation as a glutton.

Nissan Juke deprived of regular protection, the distance from the pallet to the ground is not the most modest – 185 mm.

But the suspension is stiff. And it’s a double-edged sword. On the one hand, Juke tasty rulitsya, allowing you to get pleasure from turns. On the other – has the habit to tell the details to the driver and passengers about the profile of the coating. This is especially true on dirt and asphalt tracks mellanlandning waves. To sum up, I would chose a Juke for everyday trips around town, but hardly wanted to go on it on vacation. This urban crossover in its own way very good and able to give strong emotions, but it should not be your only car.

Criteria of success

Creta with a 1.6‑liter engine is not fast, but a six-speed automatic is good with the motor. Handling is not called gambling, but the feedback on the steering wheel enough. Omnivorous suspension – you need to try to make it work in the end.
Interior Cretu the “Medizinische”… and the most convenient. Instantly find a comfortable position and forget about everything else. On a five-inch display displays an image from the rear camera.
A calm palette, nice fonts, large distances between the ticks: the instrument Cretu simple in the best sense.Two-stage heated rear seats included in version Comfort+ and Top. In the same set – heated windshield and washer jets, and rear view camera. Heated steering wheel in our trio offers only the Creta. The wheel warms up quickly and around the entire circumference of the rim.Single-zone automatic climate control operates smoothly and “correctly”. But the signature blue illumination still annoys many.

Hyundai Creta – car-paradox. A fairly high price, not the most memorable appearance, unsophisticated interior, it is not brilliant 1.6-liter aspirated power 123 power, which you need to spin in a bell, not to get a “kick”, wedging in the flow at the exit of the gas station. But I never cease to wonder how Creta melts people approaching her with a thick armor of skepticism. Even if you are against this car and Korean car industry in General, is to spend the day with her – and she would love. In extreme cases, you just penetrated her respect.

The wide opening, a solid volume, a strap for fastening the plastic canisters and the underground, with organizer – trunk Crete the thoughtful and convenient. Spare wheel – full size.
The engine is protected by a flat steel sheet. However, the distance to the ground is not a record – only 170 mm.

Creta absolutely soulless. You won’t look back at her, leaving in the evening on Parking at the house. More likely, turn the head at a neighborhood Juke or Tivoli. However, with each passing day and each passing kilometer, the relation to the car will change for the better. Creta – like a good waiter. Its power is not in any particular advantage, and the fact that it is unobtrusive. This crossover just helps you in your work – out you focus on the really important.

About the third day you are becoming deep purple on the softness and texture of the plastic. Importantly, all of the buttons and keys on the places where you want them to find. You don’t have to worry about where to put your cell phone and how to charge by the number of outlets Creta – an absolute record: in the console there is a USB slot and two 12-volt.

On that count, people from SsangYong – the question unanswered.In uncontested configuration but without all-wheel drive Tivoli not much help even a relatively attractive price. Juke continues their winning streak, but he threatens to step on the toes of good-natured Creta.Mikhail Kuleshov

When you accept the fact that the younger the motor’s not going anywhere, and are no longer removed from his soul, stimuli no choice at all. On the ride Creta is not inferior to the much larger crossovers, allowing you to go around every hole and if necessary to leave the asphalt. Rulitsya Hyundai jukovskogo without a spark, but reliable and predictable – clearly better than the Tivoli. And rear passengers have enough in all directions. Here you can more or less tolerably to accommodate even Threesome – hi to juke with his childhood places! And it’s only Crete available heated back row, from the biggest and functional trunk. Plus guarantee for five years. Today is an unequivocal victory.


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