Thanks to the GPS alarm, the police could find the stolen Range Rover 1 hour

Wave of thefts of expensive cars in Kiev continues. This time the victim of criminals became the Range Rover. The criminals managed to open it and steal about 6 a.m. today. the car is already distilled to the point of sludge, but then something went wrong. The Range Rover was equipped with an alarm with a GPS module. The message on stealing of the car the Range Rover did a patrol around 6 a.m., workers from security service and maintenance of vehicles. The GPS module gave the coordinates so you can track his whereabouts.

As the press service of the patrol police, the orientations in the Range Rover then transferred to other crews in the city. Police contacted the operator of the security service, which periodically reported the route of moving the said vehicle. Was introduced plan “Interception”.
The stolen vehicle patrol noticed the street revutskiy. Driver on-demand patrol to stop did not react and at great speed left on the Bazhana Avenue and headed in the direction of the Boryspilska metro station. The fugitive managed to break away from the police, but .thanks to GPS, its location failed to track.

The Range Rover is located in the village of chubynske near Kiev. However, further communication with the car disappeared and track its movement was impossible. 5 crews, police examined the adjacent territory in search of stolen cars.

Soon a patrol discovered an abandoned vehicle is a Range Rover near the intersection of Brovary Central (Mala Oleksandrivka village, Brovary district). At the scene arrived investigative team and the owner of the stolen car.

Criminals getting away, damaged the wheel and they had to leave him. The car, after inspection by experts, were returned to their owners. The search for the thieves continues.

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