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That’s what snow is: Norilsk residents lost in snowdrifts vehicles

The snow that recently fell on Krasnoyarsk territory, in one night, sank in the snow almost the entire Norilsk. Residents of several hours looking for their cars under the snow.

While in Moscow, the rains and the opening buds on the trees, and the drivers blamed the government and each other in a giant traffic jams, Norilsk was a snowfall overnight inundated streets and Parking foot snowdrifts.

Drivers had to take shovels to dig their cars on the roads stuck graders and on the slopes — almost zero visibility.

However, the indigenous inhabitants of Norilsk, saying that this snow could surprise only business travellers and those who recently moved to the city. They say, business as usual, nothing terrible, but in an apartment on the first floor you can enter directly from the street. And digging machines have long called “fitness in Norilsk”.

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Photo: YouTube

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