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The authorities plan to support Ukrainian producers of gasoline

In Ukraine, the planned introduction of new protectionist quotas to support domestic producers

The participants of the fuel market of Ukraine expects the introduction of new developments aimed at the active promotion of Ukrainian fuel. Oleg GEZ, as a member of the Board “Ukrnafta”, urged the authorities to introduce additional measures for the Ukrainian refineries. At the moment, already approved the draft decision, which will change the order of formation of prices at auction “Ukrnafta”: her plan to get rid of the customs price of oil.

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Fuel is expensive not only in Ukraine

Despite benevolent intentions to motorists have to wait for a new round of rising gasoline prices. For all its goodwill, the company do not differ altruism, and lay all of its quotas and tariffs for buyers. According to experts, it can lead to a rise in price for 10% or 3 UAH. per liter, according to the center.

Today imported fuel and without quotas the price of Ukrainian domestic manufacturer is in a better position, but someone you definitely want to increase their income.

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The government will monitor the price of fuel

Despite the desire to stabilize prices on the Ukrainian fuel state does not affect its quality. The situation aimed at maintaining the Ukrainian manufacturer, the result may be meaningless and an increasing number of motorists switch to diesel or natural gas.

Note that today the largest refinery in Kremenchuk Ukraine is. In recent years, under the leadership of the group “Privat” it has increased the production of gasoline A-92 and A-95.

Recall that recently the Prime Minister stated that it would closely monitor fuel price tags, which expose the market participants.

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