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The battery from Berezki — you remember, how it differs from the usual?

There was a time, when maintenance-free batteries put the motorist in a dead end!Michael Kolodochkin “driving”Expert

In Soviet times, the owners had the opportunity to buy car accessories in currency shops “the birch”, sometimes got trapped.

Take, for example, a battery. Then “go and buy” it was impossible first took my old battery, got a certificate, I queued up and waited.

“Birch” was not so much surprised by the presence of battery in the free market, as his appearance: he was covering bright film and had no jams! About maintenance-free batteries then no one heard, but because every second customer began to pull out a beautiful film, thinking that it’s just a type of packaging that hides access to banks. Therefore, the Windows appeared handwritten Declaration: “the Film does not tear!”.

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