The battery of the BMW i3 will be installed on electric boats

BMW has signed an agreement with the German company Torqeedo, which is engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of outboard motors, the supply of batteries to power electric motors.

The battery of the BMW i3 will be part of the propulsion of the series to Deep Blue, which includes as a stationary boat motors, and mounted the engines. Torqeedo offers units with a capacity of 44 and 89 horsepower.

Stock of lithium-ion batteries of the BMW with a capacity of 30.5 kWh is enough to go at a speed of four knots (9 km/h) for about five hours. At constant peak power Sharad battery runs out in half an hour.

The company Torqeedo requests for batteries from electric cars BMW i3 31 $ 999, and the engine is from the line of Deep Blue will cost at least 23 999 dollars.

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