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The bridge in the Crimea: all the piles are driven, the launch is near

The builders reported about completion of installation of all the supports 288 road part of the bridge crossing through the Kerch Strait. To connect their flights planned before the end of this year.

A bridge to the Crimea is becoming increasingly real: completed construction supports its road parts. It is noteworthy that 85 of 288 poles situated in marine waters, their installation became one of the most time-consuming stages of construction.

To the bases of the pillars driven more than three thousand piles, the official website of the Crimean bridge, of which 2.5 thousand is a steel tubular design, the total length of which amounted to more than 160 km. To strengthen them took more than 160 thousand cubic meters of concrete. The average depth of the piling — 50 m, but on one of the sites, it reached 88 m.

The spans of the canvas supports are coupled already at 95%. Until the end of the year, if not prevent, the weather, road portion closed completely, that is, the bridge is already possible to move from the Taman shore of Kerch, however, is only on foot and only the builders.

Meanwhile, laying asphalt pavement on a fully formed plots is in full swing: on the right, the mainland side of the bridge the bottom layer laid on 8 km of the fabric, the top is nearly 7 km, on the left Bank, the respective figures were 5 and 1.6 km. Parallel to the construction of drains, treatment plants and utilities.

Start vehicular traffic on the Crimean bridge is planned in a year: in December 2018.

  • In mid-November started and is still going on online voting, in which residents choose the name of the bridge under construction in the Crimea.
  • In may in the Crimea was the start of the construction of the highway “Tavrida”, which will link the cities of Kerch, Simferopol and Sevastopol with the bridge across the Kerch Strait and the mainland Russia.


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