The British dug in his garden the Daimler car half a century ago

The Daimler car was stored under the ground, but retained recognizable features.

English with his dad Brian Russell moved into a new house recently and did not expect that, together with the house and the fossil car. The spring sun lured the mistress of Tracy ward to the garden, where she had planned to bring the garden in order, how discovered a unique find, which was formerly smart car Daimler.

Due to the close proximity of large fields, originally the girl thought she found the remains of a tractor, calling his father for help, they continued the excavations. It turned out that the metal part is the chassis of the car, lay twisted window frames, decaying leather upholstery and broken glass. Further search allowed us to extract from the ground the engine block, gearbox, front bumper and license plate with registration GUK 880.

Find interested local enthusiasts who continued the search and determined that the vehicle can be identified, as Daimler release 1949-50 years. Assumed that the car arrived from Wolverhampton or Birmingham area, was painted black and had dark red leather upholstery. It was probably the model DB18 Consort.

About how the car came under the ground suggested: probably the former homeowner tried to repair the machine, but could not and just buried it. After all, before the advent of modern processing centers was quite common that non-combustible trash were buried in the garden. In England over the last few decades have discovered numerous baths, sinks, engines, and paving slabs.

English offers in social networks, someone to pick up the remains of the historic Daimler or she will pass them to the dump.

Daimler DB18 Consort was produced from 1939 to 1953 and was an updated version of the very first release. Was fitted with a 2.5-litre petrol six-cylinder engine capacity of 70 HP, had independent front suspension with coil springs instead of mechanical brakes s updated versions of the installed hydraulic front and rear system Girling-Bendix. At the time, on a similar car and drove Winston Churchill.

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