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The budget will be enough — in a year all Federal roads will be a good

To bring all Federal roads in standard condition task is feasible. This was stated by the head of Rosavtodor Roman Starovoit.

In 2013, standards consistent with less than 40% of Federal highways this year will be closer to 81%, and by the end of next year for 100% of roads are listed in good condition. Such a high figure on Federal highways in history has ever had, said the head of Federal road Agency Roman Starovoit.

On Federal roads in 2017 has been allocated 500 billion rubles, the lion’s share of these funds went to the construction of trails and road facilities in 25 regions;so, in the coming years will be 250 km of new roads. 200 billion is intended for maintenance of the network, as it (Federal system) consists of 50 thousand km of roads, and 100 billion earmarked to support regional road funds. It is subsidies to the regions allocated for the renovation particularly emergency sections.

Contrary to popular belief, the construction of roads in Russia is cheaper than in the West.

“Study show that to date approximately half to two times the cost of construction of Federal roads is less than in the United States, Canada, Germany and France”, — said Roman Starovoit in an interview with NTV.

The official cited an example — in Russia, 1 km single lane roads of the second technical category costs 44 million roubles, and in the United States — 67 million roubles (in recalculation on our money). However, we have to go, in China the road is still cheaper, but there are other standards where the roads are mainly concrete.

He noted that a long time road construction in Russia has been underfunded, but the Federal road Fund receives 100% of the necessary funds, it was possible to achieve such excellent results. And here with the regional road funds, the situation is much worse — they receive only 13% of the needs. Therefore, the Federal road and you have to help regional, although the road network is not within the competence of the Federal road Agency. But it is a challenge for the Federal road: they come to the regions not only with money but also with their technologies.

  • From theft in the road sector promise to escape by using the blockchain. Does anyone know how this works?
  • Until the end of 2017, the Agency promises to build and reconstruct 10.1 thousand km of trails.

Photo: Sergey Kulikov/TASS

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