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The Cabinet has purchased a new car in spite of its own ban

In the fleet of the Cabinet of Ministers purchased a new Skoda Superb and the Hyundai Hybrid.

In 2017, the fleet of the Cabinet of Ministers added 19 cars. Their purchase is contrary to the decree of the government of Vladimir Groisman, which prohibits the purchase of new passenger vehicles for government agencies.

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About it it is told in the program “Gras SLV”.

The Cabinet of Ministers announced that on balance of the Enterprises, Economic-financial Department of Secretariat of Cabinet of Ministers in 2016 were 117 cars. And by the end of December 2017 their number increased to 19. In particular, among the new machines: 10 pieces Skoda Superb and five Hyundai Hybrid.

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The fleet of the Cabinet of Ministers has widened, despite the decree “About efektivne vikoristannya koshtiv reigning”. In the first paragraph it is written about the prohibition of the purchase of new passenger cars for civil servants.

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