The Cabinet initiated the reduction in the acceptable speeding with 20 km/h to 5 km/h

The Cabinet of Ministers initiated amendments to the legislation in the field of road safety, which are set out in the bill number 7286. So, in a rather voluminous document, there are a lot of innovations for drivers, mainly repressive in nature: higher fines, increased prison sentences. In addition, the bill expands police powers for reasons of a stop of the car, inspect it. The Cabinet also plans to remove and “freemen”, namely to lower the threshold of permissible excess speed of 20 km / h to 5 kmh. Here the most important points contained in the bill number 7286.

the return of the compulsory transfer of documents in the hands of the police after the stop of the vehicle (TC);
introduction as the basis for stopping the vehicle status monitoring driver;
after stopping at the request of the police, the driver and passengers must be in the car. At the request of a COP they should get out of the car;
reduction of speed in settlements to 50 km/h and the threshold tolerance range is not more than 5 km/h;
tougher sanctions for speeding;
tougher sanctions for driving without having such a right;
tougher sanctions for the management of the vehicle of the driver deprived of the rights;
tougher sanctions for the creation of an emergency
Moreover, the police may now have the right not only to stop the car, not even violated traffic rules, but also to inspect it, and load and verify the VIN. At this time, the driver and passengers must be in a car with the engine off, hands on the steering wheel and wait for permission to leave the police car. At the request of the police to get out of the car, all the passengers must obey. Yes, do not forget to provide a penalty for disobeying – 10200 UAH. For refusing to hand over documents to the police officer also provides for a penalty of 10200 UAH.

And further in the text of the law only the penalty, a penalty and a fine. And the perpetrators of fatal accident faces jail 7-10-12 years, depending on severity. While behind bars now fans can take a ride “tipsy, if in the accident there are victims.

With innovations, you can forget about the speed in the cities. Now the limit is even less than before. The speed limit in cities is 50 km / h, plus a valid threshold – 5 kmh. total in the city without penalty will be possible to travel only at a speed of 55 km / h, even less than the previous 60 kmh. Not to mention valid +20 kmh.

Once again our source notes that the bill is not a single word about the responsibility of the traffic service the fault which can sometimes be as many accidents, like speeding. No sanctions for the officials, through whose fault there is no markup, not mounted sign, not working traffic lights or included road lighting. But the repressive machinery of police will be in full affect drivers.
Don’t forget that it’s not all innovations that are waiting for drivers in 2018.

Drivers will spin those screws. What changes, the interior Ministry initiated in the laws

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