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The camcorder will adjust the traffic lights

Today in the capital, there are six thousand cameras operating in test mode.

Plans for 2018 is the connection from 2,5 thousand to 3.6 thousand devices of video and photographic images of traffic violations, in addition to the existing six thousand. This was announced by the Director of the Department of information and communication technologies, Kyiv city state administration Yuriy Nazarov.

Chambers takes place in the framework of the project “Safe city”. The official said that the system works at full strength it is necessary about 100 thousand cameras in the whole of Kyiv. Only in this case they will be able to cover the entire city, and with adequate funding, the capital reaches this result by 2020.

Nazarov noted that, first and foremost, the camera will cover the area of socio-cultural life: schools, kindergartens, museums and hospitals. Secondly, places with large concentrations of people and tourist attractions (independence square, Sophia square, St. Michael’s, contract, etc.). And only in the third turn comes up to run cameras that will monitor the transport.

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The monitoring devices are mounted at 80 intersections. Will fix almost everything: the number of machines to determine the dimensions and speed of movement, and in the future to correlate the traffic lights in these areas depending on the congestion of vehicles. Such cameras will cost 8-10 thousand hryvnia each.

Today the camera is running in test mode and collect all the information into a single network where servers store files for three months. But today we can find a specific person or car.

But the representative of the KSCA also noted that to install the camera, much harder for them to connect and organize the work of the entire system. Because each of them requires high-speed data transmission. It is necessary to bring to the installation of fiber optic cable.

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It remains the case for small – to resolve any inconsistencies in the legislative framework.

Recall that despite the fact that the law was passed in the Verkhovna Rada, the President still has not signed it.

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