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The candle should be put: the child is hit by a car, he didn’t care! (but the video — Zhest)

The kid got off lightly, but it is terrible even to imagine what could be, if in its place was an adult.Elena Alekseeva


The sixth sense vs the wheels on the wagon (VIDEO)

This incident happened in Kharkov, in the area of Cold Mountain. Schoolboy about ten years old ran across the road in an unspecified place. When he had almost reached the other side of the road, his speed was hit by a car; and the blow was such force that the boy was thrown into the air, he flew a few meters and was in the oncoming lane. It seemed that after such a blow chance to survive whatsoever. But, lo and behold, the guy cheerfully jumps up, runs over and starts busily to fix jumped out of the boot.

Brought down the boy, the driver, coming to himself, runs to him to see if he’s right, there are no fractures. But it seems that the boy was born in a shirt — no obvious damage to it in this accident received.

  • In Simferopol the driver of the BMW 5-series has not coped with management and knocked down a fence in the place where the boy stood. Also the guy was lucky he escaped with only slight shock.

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